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Best GVI Summer 2018 Internships Abroad For College Students

By 1 year ago

What Is A GVI Internship?

All GVI business internships are three-month programs all of which operate over the summer months (although not exclusively so). They all feature the option of extending your program for another 3 months where you’ll be able to get a guaranteed placement with GVI or a partner organization.

A GVI internship includes:

  • Structured, on-the-job, training.
  • One-on-one mentorship.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Leadership certificate.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Specific certificates: GVI Biological Survey Course,  EFR Certification, PADI Certificate, and TEFL.
  • All accommodation, meals and in-country transport.

Like on each and every one of our programs, no matter what kind, you will get the chance to truly make a difference by working on objectives set by local partners and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What Kind of Careers Will A GVI Internship Prepare Me For?

GVI internships are most appropriate for those looking to go into:

  • Business Management (Marketing, Sales, HR, Accounting, Management and Social Enterprise Development)
  • Public Health (Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Psychology and Occupational Therapy)
  • International Development
  • Education (Teaching or Educational Administration)
  • Environmental Science (Wildlife, Marine or Coastal Conservation)

However, this does not mean that students interested in pursuing other fields are not welcome to apply.

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What Are The Requirements For Joining A GVI Internship?

No starting requirements are necessary, all training to complete the internship will be provided in the field. However, for internship programs, we recommend having completed at least one year of undergraduate study. We also require that all persons be over the age of 18, have completed their high school diploma and that they complete a Police Clearance check in accordance with our child protection policies.

How We Chose Our Best Internships

To be honest, it was difficult picking only a few. We selected them not based on which ones are the most popular, but which ones offer new and exciting opportunities. But we also wanted to make sure to give you a taste of all that GVI to can offer, hence we made sure to put together a diverse selection. So let’s get going, below are our pick of programs that are perfect for college students on the lookout for internships to complete during their 2018 summer break.



Business Internship In South Africa

business administration and management internships abroad south africa

One of the internship opportunities we are most excited about, that are launching next year in 2018, is the GVI international business internships. These internships are designed to expose business students to the realities of doing business in emerging markets by partnering them with in-country entrepreneurs. Interns will also gain cross-cultural communication skills, which are just becoming more valuable across industries. Unlike many other business internships, all our business internships are located in developing regions, giving you the chance to flex your business mind while giving back by making a positive impact on the economy. You will be helping these local businesses promote economic and community development for the country, contributing directly to UNSDG 1, the aim to eradicate poverty.

The first of these internships are launching in Cape Town, South Africa in 2018. We’ve partnered with the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business’s at their community campus in Philippi known as Solution Space. Students will work with South African startups to solve issues relating to human resources, performance management, management and administration, financial record keeping and analysis and marketing. Students will be exposed to challenges business face in the South African context and how they relate to the economic and social realities of the county. On the weekends you can explore the unique biodiversity of Cape Town, enjoy the natural scenery and visit local sites to learn more about its history.  

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Global Public Health Internship Abroad In India

global health internship india

Want to gain real field experience, learn about challenges of healthcare in the developing world and develop a more holistic understanding of global health. GVI public healthcare internships will help you prepare for a role in healthcare administration, occupational therapy, nursing, psychology, rehabilitation, medication assistant, technician, pharmacy and dental studies. You could be helping to educate communities about disease prevention, assisting with first aid workshops or working with special needs teachers depending on the needs in the area. We have global health internships in India, Thailand, Nepal, Mexico and South Africa, but we are particularly passionate about our India project.  

One of the reasons we’re so passionate about our public health work in India is because we believe our team there are doing such a great job of making an impact on goal 3 of the UNSDGs, good health and well-being by partnering with local organizations. As a GVI public health intern working in India, you will be working in Kochi, Kerala, a Southern Indian city with a unique blend of industrial complexes with patches of untouched natural environments. Here you’ll be working with children at a special needs school or adults at a local relief settlement. The focus is on helping occupational therapists and teachers with conducting early intervention classes for children and vocational workshops with adults. This helps children with their additional development needs and adults with their ability to earn an income. You will also be helping children and adults gain more independence through learning to carry out self-care practices themselves and in this way also helping them to develop a better sense of self, identity, and self-confidence. We are excited to see what new developments in public health our team in India will achieve, join the internship program to find out.

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Teaching Internship Abroad In Thailand

educational internships in thailand

Great educators inspire. They encourage curiosity and you to grow as a person. You want to learn to be one of them. On any GVI teaching internship you will be helping to promote UNSDG 4, quality education, and earn your TEFL, Teaching English As A Foreign Language,  qualification while you’re at it. You get one-on-one guidance from educators who will help you learn and improve your teaching methods.  will be working on helping teachers plan lessons and teach classes, later you will teach on your own and you might also be asked to help with other activities like arranging school outings or assisting with administrative work at the school. These internships aren’t only for education majors, but those studying communications and journalism, and foreign languages should also consider it for resume building. You’ll learn about another country’s culture and language and be encouraged to stretch your communication muscle every day.  Our most popular teaching internship is the one working with Buddhist monks in Laos and we also have a great teaching internship in Costa Rica, but today we’d like to shout about our teaching internship program in Thailand.

Thailand is an incredibly popular tourist destination, but average travelers don’t get to experience the real Thailand the way our interns do, let alone gain real work experience and qualifications while they’re at it. As a GVI teaching intern in Thailand, you’ll work with local teachers and learns from the province of Phang Nag, improving your intercultural competencies while learning more about everyday life in Thailand as well as the beliefs and perspectives of the people who live there. You’ll be exchanging skills with local teachers, teaching classes in local schools and conducting enrichment programs.  

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Women’s Empowerment Internship In Costa Rica

womens rights and gender quality internship in latin america, costa rica

If you are studying gender studies or international development you are likely aware of the impact of UNSDG 5, gender equality,  on women’s personal wellbeing as well as the prosperity of countries. You can learn more about the issues affecting making gender equality a reality, directly help to close this gap as well as earning real work experience in the process by working on one of our women empowerment internships around the world. These internships aren’t only perfect for those passionate about women’s rights, psychology and social work students can also gain valuable experience by contributing to these projects. You will learn how to speak to people about complex social issues, how these affect their daily lives and work with them to become more confident, independent and empowered. Pre-law students can also benefit from engaging with people on this level.   

Our teams in South Africa, India, Laos, and Nepal, have already been making significant contributions to gender equality in their local communities. This year, 2017, we launched our women’s empowerment program in Costa Rica to add women’s empowerment to our community development initiatives in the area. They are based in Quepos, at the edge of Manuel Antonio park, but work in the community of El Cocal, among others, a predominantly Nicaraguan immigrant community. You’ll be helping women in this community improve their access to entrepreneurial and business management knowledge as well as literacy education. Interning in this location is an excellent opportunity to improve your Spanish, the second most commonly spoken language in the world, as immersive Spanish language classes are available here.

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International Community Development Internships In Peru

community development internship in peru

Helping communities empower themselves is a complex practice, involving many goals, as well as the accompanying initiatives to achieve them, some of which include ensuring everyone is fed, helping the community stay healthy, improving the quality of education, encouraging women to become more independent, ensuring access to clean water, affordable and clean energy and making sure everyone has a job that provides them with an income. We run community development internships in five continents around the world, in Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, and Fiji. All our projects are in partnership with local organizations and all work we do has been requested by members of the local community.

Our community development internships abroad is most directly applicable to students interested in pursuing a career in community development, international relations and political science, however, the planning and leadership skills gained on this program will help students from a range of subjects excel in management positions across a spectrum of interests.

The community development internship we are most excited about is the project in Peru. Peru is one of the several projects launching in new GVI locations next year. We are looking to partner with a range of governmental organizations and NGOs in newly established pueblos in Lima, to assist with initiatives like bringing better education to children in the community and working with women to share stories of empowerment. We might also help with initiatives like clean water, electricity and improved waste management depending on the needs and requests of the community. Because the program is new, interns will be at the forefront of project planning for this GVI location. You’ll not only be learning about sustainable development principles and engaging with community members in the field but you’ll also be involved in developing projects that will have an impact on the future success of the project and its impact on the community. We’ll also be launching community development internships in Ghana and Cambodia next year, so be sure to check those out too.      

Environmental Internships Abroad In Seychelles

environmental conservation internships in the seychelles

Looking to start your career in conservation off on the right foot? What to work on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals like goal 13, climate action, and 15, life on land? We run wildlife conservation internships in South Africa, Costa Rica, Thailand, Greece and the SeychellesWe might also be launching a conservation project in India next year in 2018 so keep your eyes out for that too. While the specific animals you’ll be learning about won’t be the same around the world, the data collection and analysis techniques you’ll be learning will be universal, meaning you’ll be able to be a great asset to any conservation team in any location around the world. Not only will you get hands-on experience in biological surveying but you will also earn a certificate related to this work, helping you to further bulk up your resume. On the job you will also find out more about current topics in conservation, how specific policies play out in the real work, how parks or reserves are managed as well as the impact of local communities on the success of environmental protection projects.  

Not to play favorites, but we think our island conservation internship in Seychelles is pretty awesome. On this internship, you’ll live on the beautiful paradise island of Curieuse, which, incidentally is also a protected natural area. The area is known as one of the main locations of the unique Coco De Mer palm tree, the main nesting ground for Hawksbill and Green turtles, a giant Aldabra tortoise reintroduction scheme, nursing grounds for lemon sharks and the black parrot. Projects here are seasonal, during the summer months between May and July, you’ll be working on mangrove, Coco De Mer and beach surveys, habitat clearing, and giant tortoise monitoring. Interns will not only get a chance to help out with all these ongoing projects but they will also get the chance to carry out their very own study which they will be required to finish in order to complete the internship, giving them a feel of what a real conservation project is really like.  

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Marine Biology Internship and PADI Divemaster Course in Fiji

marine biology internship abroad in fiji

Are you passionate about the achieving the objectives of UNSDG 14, life below water? We are able to offer marine biology students the opportunity to conduct research in some of the world’s most biologically diverse underwater locations. These include Mexico, Seychelles, and Fiji. Not only will you be able to learn proper underwater surveying techniques, including how to collect invasive species and about innovative practices like coral reef rehabilitation schemes, but you will also be able to earn your PADI Divemaster Certification while you are at it.

We are truly passionate about all our marine conservation programs and we had a lot of trouble picking just one. Since we already spoke about the Seychelles, we chose to feature either Fiji or Mexico. The Fiji internship won out mostly because of the famous reef structures and incredible wealth of ocean life found in its waters. The so-called ‘Rainbow Reef’’, lives up to its name and is a spectacle of lively colors, and the area is known for being a hub for all sorts so sea creatures, from manta rays and to hammerhead sharks. Marine conservation volunteers in Fiji will be diving to collect data in the Lomaiviti volcanic island group, on Caqalai specifically. Our work in Fiji centers around working with local partners to develop Marine Protected Areas that are managed by communities in the area. You’ll be identifying fish and corals species, learning how to properly collect the data while still ensuring that you cause no harm to the underwater environment, store the data and analyze it.

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