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Volunteer on one of our various marine conservation projects in exotic locations such as the islands of Fiji, Mexico, Thailand and the Seychelles! Contribute your time and skills and help collect important data on turtles from the time they lay their eggs, to the moment when the hatchlings take their first steps towards the sea, conduct surveys on the various coral and fish species in the area and gain a variety of PADI qualifications!

GVI also offers Professional Dive Training and international marine conservation internships for a real-world experience that contributes to your professional development and enhances your future employability. Enjoy our world-class professional-level training that is transferable to any dive-industry application, distinctively unique as our training is environmentally focused, with extensive conservation understanding and training.

If you are interested in marine or wildlife conservation we definitely have a program that will feed and grow your interests. No matter whether you are on a gap year from school, a student, on an alternative spring break program abroad, on a career break or on an extended holiday, there is important environmental conservation work for you to be involved in, as you make an important contribution to critical marine conservation projects. Alternatively, you can volunteer with children, or join one of our teaching, animal care, healthcare, construction or sports programs. If you are studying, speak to our Country Experts about receiving academic credit. We also offer hands-on marine conservation internships that can boost your future career.

Our Impact

Our marine conservation projects focus on restoring damaged marine ecosystems and protecting endangered marine species, as well as undertaking critical research to help shed light on those species and systems we don’t yet fully understand. We also work to provide environmental education to local communities, helping them to implement long-term, impactful approaches to conserving their natural heritage. All data gathered by our volunteers is used by our partners and local governments to help improve marine conservation policies and contribute to the long term survival of the reefs for future generations.

No matter whether you are on a gap year from school, a student, on a career break or on an extended holiday, there is important work for you to be involved in, as you make an important contribution to critical marine conservation projects.

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