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Volunteer in Europe with GVI and explore a region that offers a variety of landscapes, cultures and incredible adventures! Our volunteering projects in Europe are currently based at our hub in Greece, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore these regions further after your project or even as a starting point to venture further abroad. Whether you are on your gap year, a career-break or under 18 and looking to volunteer and explore the world, GVI has a project for you! Contribute to the conservation of endangered turtles, experience a different country through our volunteer opportunities in Europe. GVI has been operating volunteer projects all over the world for the past 14 years, and our projects in Europe are no different. We are proud of our approach of establishing long-term and sustainable projects, in which the local community is always consulted first and foremost in order to determine their needs. With the contribution of volunteers, we work together in partnership to achieve these goals.


Our projects in Europe offer you the opportunity to get involved in critical turtle conservation in Greece. Our participants make a difference by conserving endangered loggerhead turtles which nest on the white sand beaches of the Mediterranean coastline of Giannitsochori.

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