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Payment Plans

Last updated: March 03, 2020

What payment plan options do I have?

You will have three payment plans for your booking. 

- Full payment upfront

- Instalment plan; or

- Flexi-payment plan. 

You will be asked which plan you prefer during your application call. 

How does each payment plan work?

Full payment upfront plan

You’ll pay the full cost of your booking in one payment. The payment is due within 48 hours of your acceptance onto the program. 

Instalment plan

You’ll pay a non-refundable deposit upfront of $200 followed by instalments paid monthly up to 3 months before your program start date. At that point your program fees will be paid up in full. 

Choosing this payment plan incurs a fee of $145 and this fee is split equally across all your instalments. 

Flexi-payment plan

You’ll pay a non-refundable deposit  of $200 upfront followed by the remaining balance in full 3 months before your program start date. This is rounded to the end of the month closest to your program start date. 

Choosing this payment plan incurs a fee of $395 and this fee is added on to your final balance due. 

When are my payments due?

Payment is expected on one of three dates each month. The three options are the 15th, the 25th or the last day of each month. You as the participant choose which you prefer. If you do not choose a preferred date, then the 15th will be the default date for charges. On the due date your payment card will be charged automatically. If paying by electronic fund transfer then your payment will become due on the payment due date. 

Failure to make payment on your due date may incur a late payment fee of $65. Should your payment not be received within 7 days of your payment due date, GVI reserves the right to cancel your program, without refund.

When paying by card, your instalments are automatically deducted from your payment card on each payment due date. Should you wish to change the card being used for your  payments please contact your Support Coordinator to update your records. 

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details regarding cancellations, refunds and transfers.