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Marine Conservation and PADI Divemaster Internship in the Seychelles

Enter the global scuba diving industry with a professional diving qualification combined with work experience and marine conservation training.

Durations:  24 weeks

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Boost your professional diving or marine conservation career when you join an internship in the stunning Seychelles. Get your PADI Divemaster qualification and marine ecosystem training, then put those skills to use when you participate in vital marine research expeditions.

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Learn to cook traditional Seychellois Creole dishes

Visit the Mission Ruins at Venn's Town

Paddleboard across the bay

Hike through lush forests and across rocky plateaus

Explore the ocean after dark with a night dive

Discover rare and endemic species of plants

Swim at a secret beach

Go fishing with local fishers

Connect with our alumni
Want to connect with some of our past participants about their adventures? Get in touch with hundreds of friendly ambassadors all over the world who would be more than happy to answer any questions.
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Mariana Kneppers

26 Nov, 2019
I came to Cap Ternay because a friend had done the Divemaster Internship Program and recommended it highly. Looking towards a future career in marine research and conservation, I wanted to use this trip to not only challenge myself by stepping far outside of my comfort zone, but to also gain the professional skills needed for my future. I could not be happier with my choice. Living in the jungle has definitely presented its challenges, from hairy caterpillar rashes to rats chewing holes in my clothes. However, I found it quite easy to overcome these annoyances because of the incredible company I was surrounded by. The staff have especially had an impact on me; they have provided more support than I could have hoped for and have become individuals I consider more than just colleagues. Their positive attitudes and genuine interest in each volunteer made the quality of living in such modest conditions much higher. And their professionalism and instruction have made me a better diver, scientist, and leader. Similarly, my time at Cap Ternay has allowed me to meet incredible individuals from all over the globe. Working amongst so many different cultural backgrounds has expanded my worldview and has caused me to form lasting relationship with people I normally would have never encountered. Overall, the communal living environment really made my experience so much more meaningful and allowed me to learn about both myself and others around me. In terms of achieving my career goals, my experiences at Cap Ternay have provided me with more training than I expected. I’ve loved the opportunity to dive once, sometimes twice a day and feel that I have developed into a much more experienced diver. The leadership courses have also allowed me to view myself in a different light, one where I am put in a position to create the same welcoming and professional environment that the staff provided for me. And while I came in with a science background, I found the research we conducted to be both rigorous and challenging. And it was immensely rewarding to give back to the environment that we’re lucky enough to dive in every week day. Overall, I feel like I have matured from these courses and am more prepared to face the uncertainties of my post-college life armed with the lessons I’ve learned at Cap Ternay.

Marcel Frowerk

07 Mar, 2019
I did my 2 month Internship for the Marine Conservation program in Seychelles, Mahe. My project to do was Fish 2 surveys at different sites close to Cap Ternay. Found the GVI website on the internet and was interested in the programs straight away. I finished studied Oceanography at Cape Penisula Univeristy of Technology (CPUT) in Cape Town, South Africa in 2015. Worked since then mostly for Aquaculture companies like Abagold (abalone and was inSouth Africa), Crusta Nova (shrimp and was in Germany), Trout Farming at Grevenhof (Germany), doing research management work. My average project day was doing the Stationary Point Count and the Fish Belt to survey the fish at selected sites, which were very interesting. The staff told use (volunteers) what type of survey to do, which was either shallow or deep and which side to do, either left, right or center. Once you have finished the surveys, we all put the information into the data base and into the data books. The Mega Fauna should also be recorded if seen. I loved mostly to see the highlights which were: seeing the Green Turtle, Hawkbill Turtel, Marbel Ray, Eagle Ray, Feathertail and Thornyback Ray, Lobsters, Squid and Octopus, Black and White Tip Sharks, Barracuda. They all were very interesting to discover in the big ocean. The diving and looking for mega fauna was my favored aspect. Training at base was fun and learned a lot more form the ocean and the importance to protect it. My proudest accomplishment was finishing my PADI Advanced Open Water Course, which will help me for future research projects in the water. The challenges doing the program: getting used to the food at base (eating mostly oats and fruits in the mornings). Getting used to the humid climate on the island. The volunteers and staff were all fun to meet and great people. Learned a lot from there languages and games they play at home. The staff did a great job organizing everything and helping use with the day activities. GVI support team was very helpful when I had question or problems with some things to prepare before coming to Seychelles. Like I said, the Staff was awesome and would like to say thanks again too: Pia, Jim, Andy, Stu, Bella, Nico and Lydia. My advice for people that wanna joining GVI: If you love the ocean and wanna learn more from it and also want to contribute by cleaning and doing projects to see if the coral and fish populations are increasing again offer time, then the GVI program is the right choice. THANK YOU GVI, FOR THE AWESOME ADVANTURE!!!!

Eva Laxo

07 Mar, 2019
For the summer of 2018, I was searching for a new adventure, so armed with my shiny new PADI open water certificate, I flew across the world. Two days later I arrived at the GVI base on Mahe to move into what would be my new home for the following six weeks .Each day on base follows the same template but allows for variation and adjustment to the unexpected. We wake up early (even earlier to fit in a workout), work in teams to clean and organize base and cook meals, and meet together for breakfast. The rest of the day is filled with beach time, internship work, cooking, and exploring the islands – all of which is shadowed by the day’s dives. Each person gets on average two dives per day, three if you're lucky (and well rested). Diving became my passion here in the Seychelles. My brain is now filled with the names and distinct characteristics of a multitude of beautiful and strange invertebrates of the reef, knowledge that I applied to my dives as I surveyed some of the gorgeous areas around our base. I found joy in the search for pencil urchins deep under rock sand counting snapping oysters on the faces of the reefs. Time on base also included a multitude of lectures, certifications, and hands on teaching.Each volunteer was certified as an Emergency First Responder and a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver – two skills that will continue to serve me both in my life as a diver and as a member of my community in the future. I also was afforded the opportunity to be an intern on base, which exposed me to many other lessons on the nuances of leadership and the skills of goal setting. This culminated in a marine conservation awareness project that remains on the trail to our beach to inform the public about the area and what we are doing to conserve the reefs. GVI Marine Conservation program married my love of marine science, excitement for diving,passion for travel, and need for independence. As I am working towards a degree in Environmental Science, I found this program to provide valuable field experience that both advances my studies and skills in my field, and fosters a deeper and more complex love formy major. As I leave this program, I find myself with friends who I will miss dearly and new knowledge that fills me with desire to see more of the world.

Tomoko Ogawa

11 Oct, 2018
Before beginning my time with GVI, I was working in the craft beer industry in Japan. The American craft beer industry (which I was representing) itself works hard to push sustainable practices and supports the restoration of aquatic life; however, the society and the industry in Japan is still very far behind. Hoping to gain some credentials and hands on experience with what NPOs are doing to help our global problem of climate change, I stumbled upon GVI. I chosed to go into marine conservation as the decline of the oceans health is an issue that hits home for me, as I was blessed with growing up with the Pacific ocean down the street from my house. My experience with GVI was very surprising. Arriving not knowing what to expect, I instantly felt comfortable with the environment on base. The physical aspects of the base were something I know some people cannot get on board with, but I believe it’s all part of the experience of living within a jungle. The staff here really plays a big factor to the enjoyment on base. Each one having their strong areas, and all working well together keeping the place running as well as making sure we’re able to have the best opportunities to enjoy ourselves. The training was quick and effective and the support from the staff was impeccable. I was assigned to the coral groups. I took a look over the training manual before starting my program and most of the descriptions made no sense to me. After going through the workshops and coral spots with Stuart, Lydia and Andy I was surprisingly confident with identifying corals.

Tom Inett

11 Oct, 2018
I embarked on my Dive Master Internship with the objective of exploring whether I would like to work in conservation or a diving career. My time on Mahe has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have met new life long friends, seen marine life in person that I've only ever seen on TV and gotten a new passion for looking after the marine environment. I had the opportunity to lead dives and assist with other volunteers. Tested the boundaries of working in a team and learned some new skills. As I go on to complete my Dive Master course in Thailand I leave behind an amazing experience and take away some of my happiest memories. I would recommend this to anyone who has a passion for the outdoors, diving and conservation.

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