Join our Virtual Open Day!

Join our Virtual Open Day!

Zoom call : 20 April 2024 | 10:00–12:00 EDT | 15:00–17:00 BST

Keen to learn more about our marine conservation programs? Take a deep dive with us!

Join GVI’s next free Virtual Open Day to learn more about our impactful programs in extraordinary locations such as Fiji and the Canary Islands.

Hear from marine biologists, connect with our passionate participants and ask all your questions.

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Zoom call : 20 April 2024 | 10:00–12:00 EDT | 15:00–17:00 BST

If you would love to learn more about GVI’s programs, and specifically our marine conservation programs – this your chance!

Join our next free Virtual Open Day to learn what GVI’s ocean and island conservation focused programs are all about. From volunteering and internships to professional apprenticeships, research fellowships – and even virtual internships. There are lots of different ways to make a difference while learning new skills!

Our free online event is your ticket to discovering incredible opportunities, whether you’re passionate about turtles, coral, dolphins, whales, sharks or penguins (to name a few)! 

You’ll get exclusive access to a wealth of information about our programs, and hear from our program and impact experts who are dedicating their lives to creating positive change. 

Discover the inspiring stories of GVI alumni and learn how they’ve made a lasting difference across the globe.

Plus, this is your chance to get answers to all your burning questions and gain invaluable insights into what it truly means to be a part of GVI’s global community.


This Virtual Open Day is for you if you want to:

  • Hear from our passionate program managers in Fiji and the Canary Islands.
  • Listen to inspiring stories from alumni as they share their personal experiences.
  • Discover the top benefits of doing either a virtual or in-person internship.
  • Ask questions and get feedback from our staff, alumni and ambassadors.
  • Connect with passionate changemakers from all over the world.


You’ll also get exclusive access to a special GVI Open Day offer. If you make your booking and pay a deposit of £250/US$475 by midnight 22 April 2024 (EDT ), you’ll qualify for an additional £100/US$190 off your booking. If you use this offer, you can also pay your program off in instalments at no extra cost (usually a fee of £125/US$250 applies). This special offer may not be applied to any bookings made prior to the Virtual Open Day.

Take the first step on the journey of a lifetime. Sign up for our Virtual Open Day. (It’s free – but please register to secure your spot and get the Zoom link.)

Schedule of events



GVI programs overview

20 minutes



GVI internships: how to make an impact in-person

20 minutes



GVI alumni volunteering experience

10 minutes



Making an impact in Tenerife, Canary Islands of Spain

15 minutes



GVI virtual internships: how to make an impact remotely

20 minutes



Making an impact in Dawasamu, Fiji

15 minutes



Why GVI?

20 minutes

Whilst places are free, spaces are limited and must be pre-booked on a first come, first served basis.

The GVI Open Day takes place over Zoom, and a link will be sent to you via email and text message the day before the event. 

No Zoom account is needed and in the event that you would like to download Zoom, the free version is perfectly suitable. 

If you are a first-time Zoom user, don’t sweat, it’s easy to use. Please note that GVI presenters and other attendees will not be able to see you via video or hear you via sound. You are welcome to engage with us and each other by typing in the chat box and ask the presenter questions in real-time via the Q&A box, which will then be answered live.

Get acquainted with your open day presenters


Program Manager, Tenerife

Ale is originally from Mexico and since has moved around the world. She started her career with GVI in 2015 in Jalova base in Costa Rica and now is the GVI program manager in Te ...


Senior Program Manager, Mexico

Miguel is GVI’s Program Manager for the Marine Conservation Programs at GVI’s base in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. He has a background in Oceanography ...


Events Coordinator, GVI Central Support

Tiffany, based in Cape Town, has an Honours in Industrial Psychology. At GVI, she sources, organises, and runs events for educational institutions. Tiffany is also the well-know ...


Program Manager, Fiji

Michele has been with GVI for an impressive 10 years and currently manages our programs in Fiji. She began her journey as a volunteer on a GVI pr ...