Rhino Poaching Awareness in South Africa

Travel to the African savannah to participate in rhino poaching awareness efforts and wildlife research studies.

Durations:  1 - 12 weeks

Program information

Work as part of our international team on rhino anti-poaching awareness efforts and other conservation efforts. Gain a thorough understanding of the African ecosystem and conservation issues and contribute through environmental education, learning about fundraising, and contributing to further research. Get an unfiltered look into some of the most remarkable wildlife and landscapes the African continent has to offer while contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal #15, Life on Land.

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Program overview

South Africa is home to several species under threat, like the critically endangered black rhinoceros and near threatened white rhinoceros. Our international conservation team in Karongwe Private Game Reserve, only an hour from Kruger National Park, works toward conserving the species found in the protected area by partnering with local and international organisations like the South African National, SAN Parks authority and the Endangered Wildlife Trust.   

This program gives volunteers the opportunity to learn about the global issue of poaching and how international and South African organisations are working on prevention. The focus specifically concerns the poaching of rhinoceros. Volunteers will assist with fundraising efforts and create promotional materials to support these initiatives, as well as deliver environmental education workshops in the local community. There might also be the opportunity to attend lectures on the topics of poaching, the impact of losing important animals on the ecosystem and how anti-poaching efforts are set up and run.

Please note you can spend up to 12 hours a day collecting data which can be tiring, in the heat of the African sun.


  • Learn what is being done in Southern Africa to prevent rhino poaching and contribute in a safe way to conservation efforts.
  • Go on a wildlife safari adventure in a private South African nature reserve.
  • Listen to the quiet hush of the wild open spaces, waking each morning to a chorus of savannah birds and drifting off to the nighttime hum of endemic frogs and crickets.
  • Capture data on animal identifying factors, movement, behaviour, invasive vegetation removal, and monitoring cheetah feeding habits.
  • Learn how to use telemetry equipment and tracking techniques to monitor rhinos.
  • In your free time, visit the famous Kruger National Park, only an hour away from where we are based or visit the nearby Drakensberg Mountains where awe-inspiring vistas are afforded over the Blyde River Canyon.
  • Live and work alongside Field Guide Association of South Africa, FGASA, qualified guides, growing personally and professionally by learning from their experiences.

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GVI Africa, South Africa, Limpopo
Wildlife Conservation

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