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Volunteer with GVI in Thailand and discover a land surrounded by stunning golden beaches, intricate temples and a rich culture. Although Thailand has a thriving tourism industry, there are pockets of poorer communities who live below the poverty line and are lacking basic amenities. Thailand is also home to a variety of fauna and flora that are both unique, diverse and in some cases endangered. We also offer a range of sustainable volunteer programs in other Asian countries like Laos, India and Nepal, for more information follow this link. Whether you are on your gap yearcareer break or volunteering holiday, you can help make a sustainable difference in either the Chiang Mai or Phang Nga province. Choose from a variety of projects focused on either: 

GVI does not support orphanage volunteering. For more information see our stance on orphanage volunteering. We also support ChildSafe, a global child protection initiative, and regularly review our comprehensive Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection policy. All our staff and participants are required to complete a police background check before arrival on the program, and on-site child protection training is provided once they arrive in the host country. We also protect children from cyber and real-world threats by ensuring that our marketing follows child protection best practices.

Where Does GVI Work in Thailand?

When you volunteer in Thailand, adventure is around every corner, – use the opportunity to be immersed in the local culture with chances to explore local attractions in your downtime.

In Phang Nga we work towards marine conservation, environmental education and educational enhancement through teaching, amongst some of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful scenery.

Phang Nga is also made up of white sandy beaches, tropical islands, amazing limestone rock formations and a rich culture.

Our base in Chiang Mai is surrounded by breathtaking mountainous scenery in northern Thailand and project work itself takes place in the Mae Chaem District, a 5-hour journey into the mountains, where the famous Karen elephant-keeping communities reside and have shared a unique and sacred relationship with elephants for hundreds of years.

Meet the team - Senior Field Management

Jill Walker

Deputy Director of Programs
Meet GVI’s Jill,also known by her rap name, Rainmaker, or her spiritual name, Field Whisperer. Her journey with GVI began back in 2007 as Thailand's Country Director, where she helped set up GVI’s first TEFL program!

Now she is based in Chaing Rai, Thailand. Jill's role involves providing support for all of our programs around the world. Working closing with each base, she looks to identify and manage any issues that occur so GVI are able to offer the best programs possible.


Base Manager

Meet Liane! Liane is known on base as “Base Mum” and is originally from England. Her journey with GVI began in March 2018 after she had finished working in Malawi for six months. Liane has also worked in both China and Australia, where she was a teacher. In her spare time Liane enjoys making the most of what Thailand has to offer, hiking mountains and scuba diving!

Molly Plexico

Regional Director for Southeast Asia
Meet Molly, our hard working Regional Director for Southeast Asia. Overseeing operations in 3 countries is no easy task but Molly is more than capable.

Her goal is to visit one country for every year she is alive. The most unusual place she has travelled to is Uzbekistan, on a trip beginning in Europe and ending in Southeast Asia. This is where she fell in love with Laos which began her journey with GVI. She started working for GVI back in 2012 and she is now based in Cambodia.


Program Manager

This is Vanessa. Vanessa is originally from the UK and joined GVI back in 2017, when she was completing an Education program in India. Since this volunteering expedition she has worked more closely with GVI and is now the Program Manager at our base in Phang Nga, Thailand.

Meet the team - In-Country Staff

Amelia Hart

Community Coordinator

Say hey to Amelia! She is from Hastings in the UK, and is our Community Coordinator in Phang Nga, Thailand. Like a lot of our staff Amelia began as a volunteer with GVI. She interned on a TEFL program for six months, before becoming a member of the Field Staff. Amelia is really excited to see how she can continue to help improve the program.


Community Coordinator

Meet Bob from the USA! He is our Community Coordinator and has previously worked as US peace corp volunteer in Ghana. Bob also is a firm believer that anything can be eaten for breakfast, fair enough Bob!


Community Liaison

Meet Dee! Dee is from Thailand and has been with GVI for a year now. His family looks after six elephants and he has been a Mahout for 17 years. He helps to take care of the elephants that are in the care of his family.


Community Liaison

This is Suwan, also known as Don! He is has been working with GVI for three months now. Don is a Mahout in Chiang Mai and so he plays a very important role in the day to day care of the elephants. Further Don loves the forest that he is surrounded by everyday!


Field Staff

This is Ed another one of our Field Staff here in Chiang Mai. Ed studied Zoology at university and his favourite thing about the program is getting to know the village and the people in it!


Community Liaison

Introducing Gay, who is our Community Liaison out in Phang Nga. Gay studied Business Management as a Master Degree before working with tefl interns and now with GVI!


Field Staff

Meet Katie, from England. Like many of our other Field Staff Katie was originally a volunteer before becoming an intern and finally a full time member of staff.


Conservation Coordinator

This is Luis! Luis has a Masters in Conservation and Biodiversity and is a Conservation Coordinator here in Phang Nga. He has also been in similar roles while traveling all around the world.


Assistant Base Manager

Introducing you to Myles, also referred to as Coach. Coach is from Brooklyn, New York and has been the Assistant Base Manager for over a year now. Other experience includes working with cobras in Thailand, monkeys in Zanzibar and crocodiles in Florida. On top all this, Myle has 127 dreadlocks!

Toby Craze

Field Staff
Meet Toby, who is originally from Cornwall in the UK. Toby came to GVI Chiang Mai, Thailand, in September of 2018 as an intern, fresh out of university. He has since become one of our Field Staff. Fun fact, once upon a time Toby was urinated on by a lion!

Tom Mitchell

Field Staff
This is Tom! He is one of our Field Staff at GVI’s base in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tom is from the UK and began his time with GVI four months ago as an intern. Before his arrival in the jungles of Chiang Mai, Tom had no experience within conservation. In fact Tom had never been outside the UK. Quite the jump, to say the least!

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