Short Term Marine Conservation Internship in Fiji

On this instructive internship, you will spend time diving in the tropical waters in the Dawasamu District, while participating in local conservation efforts.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

Dive into the crystalline depths of the ocean as you discover the rich biodiversity of the South Pacific reef. Participants on this program assist with research aiding local management efforts in marine protected areas as well as contributing towards conserving Fiji’s delicate coral reefs and marine ecosystems. Joining our internship allows you to gain your PADI Advanced Open Water qualification while contribute towards tangible, long-term community benefits.

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Program overview

Join an international team on this marine conservation internship, which focuses on the collection of marine inventory data from underwater research dives. This research is then made available to local communities and organisations to help better inform management decision making. The project is geared at providing long-term benefits to the local communities through strategies designed to help guarantee food security for future generations.

On this program, you will actively work on connecting data with and for the local community. Participants will learn about coral reef ecology and conservation issues facing tropical marine organisms and the communities that depend on them. You will likely be spending time in the water every day, in what is best described as a vibrant marine ecosystem. There is a good possibility of seeing endangered species such as whales, rays, sharks and humphead wrasse. It is likely that you will also get the opportunity to assist in the local community helping with delivering workshops.

Receive the Coral Reef Research Diver Distinctive Speciality segment of the PADI Divemaster course. This unique offering by GVI & PADI teaches you about best practices when conducting