What To Expect At The GVI London Open Day 2017

    Article by Jana Jansen van Vuuren

    Jana Jansen van Vuuren

    Posted: September 11, 2017

    What To Expect At The GVI London Open Day 2017

    So you’re considering joining us for our Open Day in London on the 7th of October. Great. But you’re probably a bit confused about what it actually is. I mean GVI, as a global institution, has no campus, so why have an open day? Well, that’s exactly it. We’ll be bringing our locations around the world to anyone who can make it to London on the 7th of October.  

    Oh, and it’s free.

    Excited? Want to know more? Continue reading below.

    What To Do

    Chat With GVI Alumni

    What’s a GVI alumni? Alumni are volunteers who’ve worked on one of our 140 projects across the globe. We’ve ensured that at least one alumni representing each one of our 10 locations and 9 project focuses will be there on the day. This means that no matter which project you’re interested in or which location fascinates you, we’ll have someone available to chat to you about it. Ask them anything about GVI, the people and animals they worked with and what the country and accommodation were like. 

    A full list of our locations and project focuses are noted below. Take a look around and make notes of which ones you’d like to know more about. Bring them along to Open Day or, if you can’t wait until then, send us your questions.


    Project Focuses

    Attend The GVI Presentation 

    Tyrone Bennett, our Director of Alumni Services, will also be speaking at the event. Tyrone has been with GVI for over 7 years and knows GVI inside and out. Not only does he overseas our alumni program, but also manages our Outreach team as well as the GVI Charitable Trust. In addition to that he’s also been all around the world and is a great resource for unusual travel stories.

    He’s be speaking about GVI’s mission to make an impact and why we need volunteers from around the world to do so. The presentation usually runs for about half an hour to forty-five minutes. Feel free to ask him anything on the day. To get a taste of what his presentation will be like, take a look at our impact video.

    When We’ll Be There?

    Saturday 7th of October, 11:00 – 4:00.  

    Doors open at 11am and you are welcome to join us at any time until 4pm. 

    The presentation will run once every hour starting at 12am and alumni from each location and project focus will be ready to chat to you all day.

    Where We’ll Be

    Resource For London (RFL), (Seminar Room 3 and 5)

    356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA

    You can find us at Resource For London on the 7th of October.  The building is located on Holloway Road in Holloway, Islington about a 7-minute walk away from London Metropolitan University and a 10-minute walk from Emirate Stadium. The easiest way to get there is by using the underground and getting off at Holloway Road station which is 5 minutes walk away from the building. You’ll find us in seminar rooms 3 and 5. 

    What’s pretty cool about Resource For London is that it’s actually a registered non-profit, partnering with Trust for London to tackle poverty and inequality in the city. That means you’ll be doing good in the world just by joining us for GVI Open Day, at absolutely no cost. 

    What Will The Set Up Be Like?

    Welcome Desk

    The moment you step through the entrance you’ll see our welcome desk. Don’t worry if you haven’t RSVPed. We can simply put your name down at the door. At the welcome desk, we’ll have staff on hand to help you with any questions you might have. Interested in marine conservation or GVI projects in Fiji? Welcome desk staff will point you to the alumni you’ll want to speak to.

    Presentation Area

    If you are looking to attend the presentation, welcome desk staff can lead you to the presentation area. There will be chairs available and you can choose to either sit and wait for the next presentation, or if one’s already running, don’t be shy, pull up a seat and join the rest of the crowd. 

    Alumni Meetup Area

    If you are looking to speak to alumni, simply let the welcome desk staff know and they will point you in the right direction. In the alumni area, you’ll find alumni at their country and project focus stations ready to speak to you and anyone else interested in the projects they’ve personally worked on.


    Q. You Say It’s Free, But Are There Any Hidden Costs?

    A. No, entrance is completely free.

    Q. Will There Be Snacks?

    A. Sadly, we’ll not be providing anything to eat at the event. This is to ensure that as much of our funds as possible go into our projects on the ground. If you’re feeling hungry, before, after or during your visit, we recommend heading to Resource Cafe, in the Resource For London building, for a cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat. You can also grab some fish and chips at Michael’s Fish Bar nearby, get breakfast or a burger at Titanic Cafe or McDonalds, both about a 10-minute walk away or head down to Sensations on further down on Holloway Road for an ice cream.

    Q. Is There An Age Limit?

    A. No, all ages are welcome, but teens younger than 15 should note that they will not be able to travel with us until they turn 15.

    I’ve Heard About Some Kind Of Discount. What Is It?

    £50 Off Any GVI Project

    Ready to book your project? Be sure to bring cash or your card along on the 7th of October. If you pay your deposit at the event you’ll receive £50 off.

    Not sure which GVI project is for you or don’t know when you’ll be able to take your next vacation? No problem. We offer lifetime deposits, which means you can pay now and choose your specific volunteer project and start date at a later time.

    Be sure to note that this offer is only for new bookings made at the GVI London Open Day and that if you’re paying with a credit or debit card a processing fee might be charged.

    How To Make The Most Of It

    Bring Along Anyone You’d Like To Travel With 

    Looking to convince a friend or loved one to join you on a volunteer trip abroad? Bring them along. We’ll persuade them for you.

    Bring Your Parents

    One of the best ways to convince your parents to support and fund your volunteer trip abroad is to get them to speak to our staff and alumni. Not only can they ask them questions about safety, but we will also speak to them about your chosen project’s potential positive impact on your future.

    Come With Questions 

    The last thing you want is to have forgotten to ask the questions that will be most critical in your decision-making process. Browse our programs and the rest of our site and bring your list of questions along. If you’re worried you’ll forget anything, our alumni are always willing to share their email addresses with potential volunteers.

    Chat With Other Potential Volunteers

    Don’t just chat with our staff and our alumni, speak to other volunteers looking to partner with GVI at the event. Not only are you likely to make new friends, but you might also find some travel buddies who are willing to join you on your volunteer trip abroad.

    Ready To Sign Up?

    Awesome, let us know you’ll be there by signing up. 

    Still have some questions? Just ask.

    Can’t make it to London? Like our Facebook page to watch our live stream on the 7th of October. You can also meet up with our alumni in other locations across the UK. Alternatively, you can always contact us to ask any questions about our programs.