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How To Volunteer Abroad As A Couple

By Marike Lauwrens 3 years ago
How To Volunteer Abroad As A Couple | GVI
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Travelling abroad as a couple will take your relationship to a whole new level – literally! You might fear that the change of living and volunteering in another country will add too much pressure on your relationship, but it can be a wonderful adventure and a time to grow together and make great memories. Here’s how you can volunteer as a couple and make a difference together:

1. Motivation and Expectations

Before embarking on this life-changing adventure, make sure that both of you are on the same page. You might expect a more relaxed experience with more travelling and less volunteering, and your partner might want a hands-on volunteer experience and is not so concerned about sightseeing. It is important to voice your expectations and needs for a volunteering trip, this way you can decide on a duration that appeals to both of you and provides you with the time you need to explore a new country.The next big step will be to decide on a type of volunteering that checks both of yours’ boxes.

2. Choosing A Volunteer Project

If you enjoy the same kind of things, it will be easy to choose a volunteer project you are both passionate about. But for those of you who fall under the “opposites attract” rule, there are some great volunteer projects available that have a combination of project focuses. Your overall experience will depend greatly on choosing a project that draws both your and your partner’s attention., so this is the ideal opportunity to learn more about your partner and compromise to find a volunteering project that you can be passionate about together.

3. Deciding On A Location


After you have decided on a volunteer project and duration it’s time to decide on a location. You can make a list of countries where your chosen type of volunteering is offered, choose your top destinations and then pick a location that will work for both of you. Important questions to help you choose the best location are:

• Do you want to live in a remote area or closer to a city?
• What kind of climate would you like to live in?
• Are you willing to volunteer in a country where they speak another language?

Alternatively, you can complete a fun quiz together to give you a better idea of where to go. You have the world at your feet, what are you waiting for?

4. Not Single, But Ready To Mingle

Although you will be travelling as a couple, you should keep an open mind about socialising with other people. When we are in new surroundings we often cling to the familiar things or people to avoid too much of a culture shock, but moving out of that comfort zone might be surprisingly rewarding. Use this volunteer trip to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions. This doesn’t mean you have to do this without your partner, as you can explore and meet new people side by side. Unleash your social butterflies and discover what the world has to offer!

5. Memories To Last A Lifetime


Your volunteer trip will leave you with unforgettable memories and experiences that won’t make much sense to the outside world. A volunteer trip will add a new dynamic to your relationship and you will learn new things about yourself and about each other. Grab this opportunity with both hands and get ready to take lots of photos, have fun and make a real difference in the communities you will work in!

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