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Summer Volunteering Opportunities: Explore the World, Have an Impact

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Posted: March 9, 2023

Volunteering abroad has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Not only does it provide an opportunity to explore new cultures and destinations, but it also offers the chance to make a positive impact on communities and the environment. Summer is a particularly popular time for volunteering, as it offers students and young adults the chance to take a break from school or work and make a difference in the world. In this article, we will explore some of the different types of summer volunteering opportunities available, popular destinations, and specifically, summer volunteering with GVI.

Choosing a Summer Volunteering Program

When selecting a summer volunteering program, it’s important to consider your personal interests and skills. There are a wide variety of opportunities available, from environmental conservation projects to community service programs, wildlife rehabilitation opportunities, and teaching English or other skills. Researching and selecting a program that aligns with your passions and abilities will make the experience more meaningful and enjoyable.

Other important considerations include safety, accommodation, and cost. It’s important to choose a reputable organisation with a strong track record of safety and responsible volunteer practices. Accommodation options can range from homestays to shared dormitories, and cost can vary greatly depending on the program and destination.

Types of Summer Volunteering Programs

Environmental Conservation Projects: If you have a passion for the environment, a summer volunteering program focused on conservation could be the perfect fit. Projects could include wildlife surveys, reforestation efforts, or marine conservation work. These programs often offer the opportunity to work in some of the world’s most beautiful natural areas, and to learn about the challenges facing these fragile ecosystems.

Community Service Programs

For those interested in working with people, community service programs could be an excellent choice. These programs often involve working with disadvantaged communities to improve access to education, healthcare, or basic resources. Volunteers could also be involved in construction projects or disaster relief efforts.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Opportunities

For animal lovers, summer volunteering opportunities exist in wildlife rehabilitation. These programs offer the chance to work with rescued or injured animals, and to learn about the challenges facing endangered species around the world. Opportunities could include working with elephants in Thailand, monkeys in Costa Rica, or sea turtles in Greece.

Teaching English or Other Skills

Teaching English or other skills is another option for those interested in volunteering abroad. Programs could include teaching English in a classroom setting, or teaching vocational skills such as sewing or carpentry. These programs often offer the chance to work with children or young adults, and to make a lasting impact on their education and future opportunities.

Popular Destinations for Summer Volunteering

There are many popular destinations around the world for summer volunteering, each offering unique cultural experiences and sights. Some popular options include:

Costa Rica

This Central American country is known for its lush rainforests, stunning beaches, and rich biodiversity. Summer volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica could include working on environmental conservation projects or with local communities.


Thailand is a popular destination for summer volunteering, particularly for those interested in working with elephants. Volunteers could work with rescued elephants in a sanctuary setting, helping with feeding, bathing, and other caretaking tasks.

South Africa

South Africa is a diverse and fascinating country, offering opportunities to work with wildlife, community service projects, or environmental conservation efforts.

Summer Volunteering with GVI

GVI offers a wide variety of summer volunteering opportunities around the world. Their mission is to create positive change in the world through sustainable development projects, environmental conservation efforts, and community service programs.

GVI’s summer volunteering programs range from marine conservation in Mexico to teaching English in Nepal. We’re committed to responsible and sustainable volunteer practices, and offer comprehensive pre-departure training and support.

Summer volunteering offers a unique opportunity to explore new destinations while making a positive impact on the world. With a wide variety of programs and destinations available, there is something for everyone. GVI offers a range of summer volunteering opportunities that are safe, sustainable, and impactful. By participating in a summer volunteering program, individuals can gain valuable skills, make new connections, and make a difference in the world. So, why not consider spending your summer abroad this year, and become a part of something bigger than yourself.

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