Making research methods accessible in Nepal [podcast]

    Posted: August 2, 2019

    GVI partners with academics who focus on sustainable development in their research. This helps us ensure that our programs are academically robust, and at the leading edge of ethics and best practice. 

    We sat with Bryan McAllister, one of GVI’s Sustainable Development Fellows, to discuss his fellowship with GVI. McAllister is an academic from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He specialises in the moral and ethical aspects of internationalization, the history of modern schooling, and the relationship of education to civil society

    As part of their sustainable development fellowship, we provide a selection of world-class intellectuals with opportunities for furthering their research. 

    Each Sustainable Development Fellow is assigned to one of our locations around the world, based on their field of study and the activities in that particular location. 

    We spoke about his current research project with GVI in Nepal. McAllister focuses on training local community members in research. This is an effort to make data capturing and analysis more accessible. We also discuss his views on topics such as the state of academia in the context of global development. 

    Listen to our podcast interview below.