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Foundations In Wildlife Conservation

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While the human population continues to increase, wildlife and biodiversity around the world is on the decline. Learn about the major issues affecting conservation, such as unsustainable consumption of natural resources and the climate crisis. You’ll gain foundational knowledge of conservation best practices and explore prevalent solutions to these major issues when you join GVI’s Foundations in Wildlife Conservation program.

You’ll also learn about the principles of biodiversity and ecosystem management and analyse the interaction between species and their environment. This program equips you with the foundation you need to start making a sustainable impact and begin on your chosen career path in this critical field.

Is this program for me?

This program is designed for anyone passionate about the conservation of wildlife. It’s tailored for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skillset in this topic or seeking to explore relevant career paths in wildlife conservation. As a multifaceted foundations program consisting of four courses – high school, college and graduate students, educators on the subject or mid-professionals seeking a career change would all benefit from taking this course.

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This program includes our Wildlife Conservation course. You’ll learn about current issues threatening wildlife and biodiversity, such as habitat destruction, pollution and climate change. You’ll analyse real-world case studies and explore a variety of solution-based conservation projects that have made a positive impact. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the economic, social and scientific importance of biodiversity.

This program also includes our Conservation and Scientific Research course. Topics in this course include species identification, surveying techniques and logistics, the value of partnering with local organisations to achieve conservation objectives, and the importance of health and safety protocols. You’ll also learn how to collect scientific data and survey natural habitats.

The program also includes our Careers in Sustainable Development and Leading Teams for Impact courses. In the careers course, you’ll learn about the different careers available in sustainable development. You’ll also learn how to network, write a resume, submit an application and impress during an interview. In the leadership course, you’ll identify your own leadership style. You’ll learn how to set goals, give feedback, manage conflict and identify different roles of team members.