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Are you interested in accelerating your career in wildlife conservation? Or have you always wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding of wildlife conservation? Join our Advanced Wildlife Conservation program. Complete six engaging courses, gaining advanced knowledge of how to make an effective contribution to wildlife conservation efforts.

The program equips you with skills such as how to analyse a conservation-protected area and work with camera traps to monitor wildlife populations. You’ll learn about the biggest threats to wildlife biodiversity and explore real-world conservation initiatives in action, through case studies covering a range of locations.

Skills you’ll acquire

After completing this course you’ll be able to:

  • identify the main causes of the decline in wildlife and biodiversity
  • analyse the different methods used in wildlife population monitoring
  • discuss the balance between meeting current development needs and ensuring the sustainable use of the earth’s resources
  • create visual representations of your impact strategy using the Theory of Change framework
  • assess the different career paths available in sustainable development and determine which one might be for you.

Is this course for me?

This program is for anyone who might be interested in learning about wildlife conservation topics such as strategies to conserve endangered species and protect key habitats. It’s designed specifically for those who may want to develop their career in the wildlife conservation sector. Anyone from high school students and college graduates to established working professionals will be able to benefit from this program.

In the same way as all our programs, our online courses are absolutely ideal for those seriously considering pursuing a career in sustainable development. This might be an undergraduate student specialising in biological sciences who is thinking about a career in conservation or a mid-career professional who is thinking about pivoting to a more impact-driven field.

Our online courses apply to a wide range of causes you might like to work towards, much like our in-person programs that are all aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Course Curriculum

This program includes our Wildlife Conservation and Conservation and Scientific Research courses. In these courses, you’ll learn about the most prevalent threats to wildlife and biodiversity, such as deforestation, invasive species and climate change. You’ll explore some of the conservation projects that have had a positive effect on wildlife populations and learn about the economic, social and scientific importance of biodiversity.

This program features the Climate Crisis and Sustainability and Impact Management courses. In the climate course, you'll learn about the negative effects of climate change, as well as the industry terminology and key concepts in environmental sustainability. In the impact course, you’ll learn about impact measurement metrics and benchmarking techniques. You’ll learn how to track the impact being made by an organisation using impact measurement tools and technology.

The program also includes our Careers in Sustainable Development and Leading Teams for Impact courses. In the careers course, you’ll learn about different careers in sustainable development and learn how to network, write a resume, submit an application and impress during an interview. In the leadership course, you’ll find out how to set goals, give feedback, manage conflict and identify different roles of team members.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This course includes material related to these Goals
COURSE 1 : Wildlife Conservation
Orientation to our online course
Module 1 : Introduction to conservation
Module 2 : Biodiversity and ecosystem management
Module 3 : Key threats and pressures
Module 4 : Wildlife conservation in the field
Module 5 : The institutional and funding landscape
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COURSE 2 : Conservation and Scientific Research
Orientation to our online learning platform
Module 1 : Target Species Identification
Module 2 : Survey Techniques
Module 3 : Survey Logistics
Module 4 : Project partner relationships
Module 5 : Health and Safety Procedures
View modules
COURSE 3 : Climate Crisis and Sustainability
Orientation to our online learning platform
Module 1 : The Earth System
Module 2 : Environmental Problems
Module 3 : Sustainable Development and the Environment
Module 4 : Approached to Environmental Sustainability
Module 5 : Making Change for Our Planet’s Future
View modules
COURSE 4 : Impact Measurement
Orientation to our online learning platform
Module 1 : Introduction to Impact Measurement
Module 2 : Planning for Measurement
Module 3 : Implementing Your Measurement Plan
Module 4 : Managing and Using Data for Impact
Module 5 : Current and Future Approaches to Impact Measurement
View modules
COURSE 5 : Careers in Sustainable Development
Orientation to our online learning platform
Module 1 : Career Paths and Opportunities
Module 2 : Your Values and Ways to Make an Impact
Module 3 : Career Mapping and Choices
Module 4 : Building Your Profile and Personal Brand
Module 5 : Securing Your Dream Job
View modules
COURSE 6 : Leading Teams for Impact
Orientation to our online learning platform
Module 1 : Introduction to Team Leading
Module 2 : Planning and Setting Team Goals
Module 3 : Preparing by Creating a Safe, Supportive Environment
Module 4 : Presenting and Communicating With Your Team
Module 5 : Performing and Developing a Leadership Style
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Earn a certificate

Want to show colleges, universities and employers that you’ve got the knowledge and skills covered in this course? Once you’ve successfully completed any of our courses, we’ll send you a digital certificate of completion at no additional cost. The certificate will feature the official name of the course and your name. Add the certificate to your college application, your graduate school application, your job application or your LinkedIn page.

Your course experts

Michael Musgrave, PhD

African Conservation and Sustainable Development Professional
Michael Musgrave has over two decades of experience in wildlife conservation, sustainable development and sustainable business across Central and Southern Africa. Recently, he consulted for African Parks, a non-governmental organisation, and developed an innovative community conservation project for communities who live in and around conservation areas in 16 National Parks in nine different African countries. He holds an MSc in African Ecology and a PhD in Sustainable Development.

Gabrielle L. Johnson, PhD

Senior International Marine Program Manager and Conservation Education Specialist
Gabrielle L. Johnson has nearly a decade of experience as a senior program manager on multi-national marine conservation projects for various organisations. She has assisted with creating educational programs, usually focused on marine environments, for a range of purposes, from vocational, corporate and governmental training to children’s education initiatives. She has also served as an educational consultant for National Geographic, PADI and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Robin Sears

Environmental Sustainability instructor
Robin Sears has been looking into the environmental and policy side of environmental sustainability since 2000. She served on the Millennium Development task force on environmental sustainability and has worked with governments, farmers and scientists designing ways to reverse environmental destruction and to restore nature’s capacity. She loves teaching, and when she is not thinking about your learning, she enjoys any sort of outdoor recreational activity, reading scientific literature and tending to her garden.

Elisabeth Richardson

Sustainable Business and Social Enterprise Leader
Elisabeth Richardson holds an MBA and has worked in leadership roles at businesses and non-profits that focus on solving social and environmental problems for nearly 20 years. She developed the standards behind the B Impact Assessment, a platform designed to measure and manage a company's positive impact, is a regular speaker at conferences such as TedX and has been published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Candice Clark

HR Practitioner and Career Coach
Candice Clark, a certified life coach, has spent over a decade as a human resource (HR) practitioner and has led hundreds of individuals in making crucial career decisions. Her background is in psychology and she’s a specialist wellness counsellor registered with the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP). She’s currently completing a Master’s of Public Health (MPH).

Cheryl Martin

GVI Regional Director of Asia
Over the course of nearly a decade working with GVI, Cheryl Martin has led hundreds of leadership training courses around the world. Originally starting her career as an early childhood development teacher, Cheryl has over 25 years of experience as a classroom teacher and spent five as an assistant principal. As GVI’s regional director of Asia, Cheryl oversees the development of GVI staff across the Asian subcontinent.

Jill Walker

GVI Director of Operations
Jill Walker has spent more than a decade in leadership positions across GVI’s many sustainable development projects around the world. As GVI’s director of operations, she oversees the development and training of dozens of GVI’s mid-level managers. Jill holds a MSc in environmental education, and she’s currently completing an integrative coaching certificate.

Alumni Testimonials

Course Rating

Advanced Wildlife Conservation

This course is very well structured and informative. Lots of different areas you get to study. You get to participate in live lectures which i found invaluable. Great array of videos to watch and learn from. Very enjoyable and confirmed my career choice in Conservation!

Course Rating

Advanced Wildlife Conservation

I learnt so much in such a short space of time.Something i didn’t realise was how complicated conservation could actually be but i haven’t been put off, in fact i feel even more eager to pursue a career in conservation.

Course Rating

Advanced Wildlife Conservation

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in marine or wildlife conservation or to anyone looking to make a career in conservation! This course provided a refreshing outlook on conservation efforts and posed many thought-provoking questions. An appropriate number and quality of [...]

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