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Journey to the Western coast of South America to visit Peru, known for its cultural history stretching back more than ten centuries, and its incredible fusion cuisine, to work with local organisations to provide additional support at local schools, guide gender equality workshops and provide communities with more hands to help get development work done. On the weekend, Sample Peru’s famously delicious seafood dish, ceviche, and try on your own uniquely Peruvian pollero or poncho to take home.


As a GVI volunteer in Peru, you’ll be based in the city of Lima, a Latin American metropolis with the population of New York. Your role will be to help communities in the city to enhance children’s access to education, increase women’s awareness of their rights and assist the neighbourhood with completing development projects they have identified as important.

In your spare time, why not visit some of the famous surfing spots on Lima’s coast, tour the ancient site of the Pre-Incan Huaca Pucllana in the district of Miraflores, or take a day trip to beautiful Huacachina, a true desert oasis.


Peru is working hard to lift nearly one quarter of its citizens out of poverty. It has been shown that two of the best ways to create long-term change in levels of wealth distribution is to invest in education and women’s empowerment. Therefore, many schools in Peru request additional support from teaching staff and gender equality groups promote providing women with literacy, numeracy and professional development training.

We are currently discussing work with local stakeholders including NGOs and government-run initiatives to help us connect to communities in Lima and work in partnership with them to set objectives according to their most critical needs.

If you are interested in volunteering in Peru, be sure to apply and you’ll be one of the first join our project starting in 2018. You can choose to work on either teaching, women’s empowerment or community development focused programs in and around Lima.

Download our program brochures


We are launching our Peru programs in 2018. In the meantime, take a look at some inspiring videos from our other volunteer projects in Latin America!


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