Curieuse, Seychelles

Volunteer in Curieuse

Live and work among unique species on the otherwise uninhabited and remote island of Curieuse in idyllic Seychelles.

Walk with giant tortoises across rocky island outcrops. Swim with shark pups across coral-studded shark nurseries. Watch turtle hatchlings make their first journey into the clear, blue sea. This is Curieuse island – a remote and untouched sanctuary for unique marine and terrestrial species in the heart of the Indian Ocean. A paradise that needs our help to protect and preserve it.

Critical science

Critical science

You'll contribute to vital conservation research targeted at protecting the earth's most valuable ecosystems.
Ethical engagement

Ethical engagement

Using the UN's SDGs as a framework, we've made a commitment to positive, constructive and sustainable impact.
Beautiful adventures

Beautiful adventures

You'll spend your days exploring some of the world's most breathtaking, exhilarating and remote wildernesses.

Curieuse volunteer projects


A deserted island paradise has become a cliche – palm-lined, white-sand beaches leading into balmy turquoise water, nothing but sunshine, seaspray, and a gentle breeze. There’s probably a hammock, a coconut drink, and a spectacular sunset involved. But cliches are cliches for a reason – and sometimes they become true in front of your eyes. Welcome to Curieuse, pronounced ‘Curious’. An island in Seychelles that really is that remote, that idyllic and that wild. 

Curieuse is a small island in the Seychelles close to the north coast of the island of Praslin, and was used as a leper colony until 1965. This isolation helped protect the ecosystem from human influence. The island is notable for its bare red earth intermingled with the unique coco de mer palms, which are famous for their large palm nuts and are one of the cultural icons of the Seychelles. These trees only grow here and on the two neighbouring islands. Curieuse is also home to some of the last remaining healthy mangrove systems in the region. In addition, the island is home to several populations of unique species of animals – all of which form part of our research and conservation efforts of the island – including: 

  • A large population of Aldabra giant tortoises who roam freely on the island. 
  • Hawksbill and green sea turtles that nest on the island’s beaches. 
  • Lemon sharks that use the local reef system for protection during their breeding season.

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New and Exclusive: GVI Experiences

A locally curated selection of extra activities are now included across our programs.
Learn to cook Seychellois Creole cuisine
Experience traditional moutya dancing on the beach
Stargaze and learn the southern constellations
Hike to the top of Mount Curieuse
Stand up paddleboard at sunrise
Visit Vallée de Mai in Praslin National Park
Spend the day at a secluded beach
Sleep under the stars on Mount Curieuse