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The key components of a volunteer expedition focus on exploration, travel and complete cultural immersion. Explore the world on a GVI expedition and find yourself in some of the most remote and dramatic locations in the world. Work and live closely with an international group of volunteers on a broad range of conservation and community issues.


From diving in protected marine areas to terrestrial surveys within National Park boundaries, on a volunteer expedition you can go places where regular tourists cannot. See below for all GVI expeditions. We now also have a range of programs specifically for students looking to travel and join a gap year volunteering program abroad to make a real difference in the world. Whether you’re looking for a gap year, sabbatical, career break or a complete change in career direction, there’s a volunteer project to suit you, including our internships abroad and multi-country combo programs.


Marine expeditions in some of the most amazing scuba diving locations in the world. Assist marine conservation projects while diving unexplored marine habitats.


GVI runs diverse wildlife and community expeditions in a variety of biodiversity hotspots in the African continent.


Make meaningful contributions while living in beautiful locations and helping inspirational communities, in education, health or sustainable tourism workshops.


See and work with unique wildlife on GVI expeditions around the world where wildlife conservation and research is the key aim and focus.

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