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Women's Empowerment Program Update

By Kate Halstead 4 years ago
Categories Pokhara

Starting up the GVI Women’s Empowerment Program in Nepal has been a fun and rewarding process for everyone involved. We have been lucky to have some amazing volunteers whose skills have been extremely beneficial to the program. We had a  qualified nurse and gynecologist deliver the birds and the bees talk to the Pame students over 3 week time frame. The students were very inquisitive having never experienced a talk on this subject outside of their textbooks. The atmosphere was surprisingly relaxed as they giggled about who would be game enough to ask the ‘embarrassing’ questions. We used posters and slideshows to teach them about their anatomy and why our bodies work the way they do and allowed the students to write down anonymous questions.


IMG_7843 - Copy

Women’s Health Seminar at Male Patan


Adolescence Talks at Pame


Adolescence Talks at Pame


We were fortunate enough to have a female Hindi speaking gynecologist join us who did a fantastic job delivering women’s health seminars to the mothers of the Conversation Club kids and women of Male Patan. Both sessions reached attendance levels well over expectations highlighting the need and want for these type of talks in the local community. The talks covered topics ranging from female reproductive health, contraception and female anatomy as well as answering lots of questions from the women. There was lots of laughing during the sessions and the women all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. We hope to offer more of these sessions to the women in the future with particular focus on female reproductive health.


Women’s Health Talks with CC Mums


Women’s Health Talks at Male Patan


Sexual Health Practice with CC Mums


Over the last two months we have also started running free English lessons to the women of Male Patan. Every week we have new students who are all so eager to learn and develop their conversational skills. Our volunteers always have a great time working with the women who have a brilliant sense of humor. We do lots of different activities with the women from role-play to interactive games and also just chatting over a cup of tea practicing conversational english. It has been beautiful to watch the women’s skills grow in such a short amount of time and in turn to see their confidence grow. It has been amazing seeing the impact we have been able to achieve in such a short amount of time so it is very exciting to look towards the future of the program. We are also excited to be introducing the lessons to the women of Pame this week!



English Lessons at Male Patan


English Lessons at Male Patan


Interactive Memory Games at Male Patan

Elise English

Male Patan English Lessons

Other topics we hope to offer in the future as part our women’s empowerment program include business development, financial skills, computer skills, more health seminars, craft seminars and anywhere the program takes us! It is exciting to see the potential of the program and I look forward to seeing it develop to cater for the local communities needs and interests. We look forward to having volunteers joining the program in the new year!


The very first English Lesson at Male Patan