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Wolf Pack Adventures

By Ingrid Kleven Froyland 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Seven lone wolfs arrived at Curieuse Island four weeks ago, and after a few awkward days we have now become a solid wolf pack. Sadly enough, four of our wolfs are leaving this week and we will get their replacement next week, which also is very exciting.


During the last four weeks we have done loads of different things, such as going sharking at 05:00 am in the morning, where some of us actually saw a grown lemon shark give birth. We have also spent quite some time in the water snorkeling in crystal clear waters, where we have seen lemon sharks, eagle rays, hawksbill turtle and green turtle. On our Wurtles (Turtle nesting surveys) we have seen lots of turtle nests, where we had to dig and dig to try to find the hidden egg to see if the nesting was successful or not. We also have to find old nests to see if there have been successful hatching of baby turtles.


After a tiring week with sharking, mud-skips, tweets, tortoise-tickle, wurtles and beach profiling, the wolf pack have been having relaxing weekends at different hotels around Praslin. Here we have been eating a lot of good food, and been sunbathing for hours. We also had a dramatic dive at Praslin where we got up-close and personal with an adult white-tip reef shark; we also got friendly with a gigantic octopus, poisonous puffer-fish, eagle rays (like the ones from the movie Sharks tale), really fast leopard eels and a lot of tropical fishes. This weekend we will go to another island called La Digue, where we will rent bikes and go to many different places the island has to offer. Finally we plan to end up at our hotel where we will have to have proper goodbye party, as the pack is sadly going to break up. Some will return to being lone wolfs as they travel home, while our pack on Curieuse will be shrink – hopefully our new wolves are just as good!


After being with GVI at Curieuse Island for a month, I have gotten used to things I never thought would become normal for me, such as having crabs in the room, or having a rat eat your toothpaste tube. I am really looking forward to my next two months here as well. It really is an amazing place where every day is different from the other!