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Welcome Volunteer

By Jack Sanctuary 4 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Welcome volunteer

Here’s my message to you

Thankyou for coming to GVI

And all the good work that you can do

My time out here has ended

Before you know it yours will too.


We are a stream of helping hands

Keeping these projects alive

And you can make a difference here

from the moment you arrive.


Imagine for a moment then

How many hours that we spend

Week by week in the township

Year by year, without end

You will understand what you represent

What GVI can do for people here

Opening children’s opportunities

For a wider life and a great career


So when you’re at your project here

Do it for those who came before

We took every moment as a gift

And who would have stayed for more

And do it for the people to come

It’s you who’ll they’ll replace

You may think that you can’t impact them

But that it’s not the case


And when you travel home

Wherever that may be

Appreciate all you have

And the sad reality

That many are not so fortunate

No room or time for luxury

Remember these lives carry on, long after you are gone.

They’re more than just some memory.


So remember South Africa

Your home in Gordon’s Bay

And remember Moses

Smile on his face, carrying you every day

Remember your coordinators

So much to do, yet always finding a way

Most of all remember the kids

How they love to dance and play.


Well then volunteer

That’s my message to you

I give my thanks to GVI

All they’ve done for me and you

My time in Cape Town was priceless

I’m certain yours will be too.