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Week 2 on GVI's Caqalai Base: diving, science training and community outreach

By 4 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

Bula and gday mate from sunny Fiji, this is James signing in to give you all an update and my view of our experiences and time here on lovely Caqalai island. We’ve had a very busy first two weeks on the island. Everyone dove headfirst into our training to get us qualified as PADI Open-water and advanced divers. We are now busy learning all the different species of fish and marine life that we will soon start to survey to build up a map of the local ecology.


Our dive training has been quite intense so far, pumping out two dives a day as well as various lectures on the hazards of deep d  iving and multi level diving. We managed with the help of all the great instructors to absorb all the information and most of us are now fully trained.


But it hasn’t all been diving and studying. On Wednesday we visited Motoriki District School and the attached village of Nasauvuki. While some of us got to help out teaching in the classroom, the others went to the village and conducted some surveys of the houses and got to know the locals. It was really interesting meeting the local people and seeing how they lived and what they did for a living. On Thursday, a group of us went to Daku village and carried out surveys there as well; getting to know the people and seeing what projects we can assist the community with.


All in all its been hectic and an exciting first couple of weeks and I can’t wait for my next dive.


This has been James Lauder
Signing out