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Tim's Leadership Project as a GVI Volunteer

By Tim 3 years ago

Tim was one of our Divemaster Interns, who recently finished up his 3 months with us here at GVI Cap Ternay. While here, he helped us run a community challenge as part of his project. He is now in Thailand working on his Divemaster certification.


I’ve been here at Cap Ternay, Seychelles, for 3 months doing my Divemaster Training internship, and it’s almost time for me to leave for Thailand to finish it off.


It’s been a wild ride over here, definitely the time of my life! I have met wonderful people and made incredible memories, and I’ll be sad to leave what has been the tropical paradise I have started referring to as home. Now that the soppy stuff is out of my system, I’m going to write a little about my Divemaster project.


For the three months the Divemaster interns are stationed at Cap Ternay, we are required to undertake a project. It can be anything really, you just have to prove you’re committed and can do the work. I’ve never really been the building/handyman type, unless you want an electronic device fixed or a gadget improvised (energy weapon defense systems anyone…?) so I decided not to do home improvements for my project like my fellow DM’s. What originally started out as a team building exercise that I was going to run at the start of my last month with all of the newbies, became this quarter’s official charity challenge, organised with our new community officer Jilly. We called it the “Seychelles Selfie Showdown”.


The aim was to have teams fundraise and then they would have to race across Mahe completing photo challenges, such as taking a group selfie with a batfish or on a rope swing. Each week the teams were issued with a challenge to develop their image, like making a flag and crown.


After three weeks of small challenges we had our finished teams, Smile, Wreck Divers Inc., and Captain Crunch and The Coconuts! All ready for the epic stuggle (read: fun day) ahead of them! On the morning Jilly and I gave the final briefing and handed out the team packs (first aid, bus money, map, challenge list) and set them on their way. We were driving around in the mobile support van, constantly checking in on the teams via phone and jamming to The Cat Empire. One team went snorkelling with their phone, which made contact a little bit difficult… Another team, deciding that waiting for the bus would take too long, decided to hire a car!


Being in the van and having a few hours, we decided we’d check out some of the southernmost beaches on the island, they ones on the challenge list that were worth a lot of points. We drove down to the end of the road and hopped out onto one of the nicest beaches I had ever seen (the nicest was a short walk down a trail from this one!). During the walk to beach at Police Bay, we spotted a rock hill and decided to see if we could go up and get a view. Once we reached the top there was endless greenery behind us and a beautiful beach and ocean ahead of us!


We made it back to the van not too long after and started to head back up the island. We called to check in on everybody again, and stopped for lunch at another challenge location, Anchor Cafe.


With a deadline of 4pm to be back on base, we were all impressed that one team made it back at quater to, and the other two made it back three minutes before four. Cutting it close! Just like the actual standings at the end of the day, we’re still calculating it, but boy is it going to be a close one!