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Volunteer's Voice

By Daniela Bernal 4 years ago
Categories Quepos

“Pura vida” or pure life is a phrase you are bound to hear again and again in your stay in Costa Rica. It is the way locals greet. Someone would ask pura vida and the other person would in turn reply pura vida with a smile on his or her face. I never thought that such a simple phrase could carry such a strong a sentiment. Now that I will leave Costa Rica soon, I truly think that this simple way to greet someone is a great representation of most of Costa Rica and its people.

This was made clear to me this weekend when we were invited to celebrate Mother’s Day at Eneida’s house. Eneida is the woman that cooks us lunch everyday while on project in el Cocal. We laughed together, ate together, played pin the tail on the donkey, played futbol (soccer), and just had a fun day together. It is refreshing to see people that don’t have all the things we take for granted and that have it harder than us be so genuinely happy and full of life. “Pura vida” or pure life reflects their happiness for the simple fact of being alive and breathing. I guess that this is why most Costa Ricans seem happy with the lives they are living. This simple yet charged phrase makes me grateful for the simple fact that I am alive.