Volunteer Voice - Learning The Ropes

By Pam Webber 4 years ago
Categories Quepos

I am beginning my second and last week volunteering at the school/community center in El Cocal, Costa Rica. Colorado was beginning to slide into Winter as I left for Costa Rica, so the return to Summer is a bit of a shock.

Last week week in the community center I worked mostly with a group of little girls. They loved jumping rope, especially if two volunteers swing the rope. They worked on counting in English and Spanish. One of them, Angeli, looked exasperated when we did not swing the rope correctly and she missed. One of the volunteers said “lo siento”, and Angeli ran growling to her for a hug.

Today I worked with some third grade boys, four of them. Boys at this age in a group are not my strong point. However we played a memory game with animal tiles. They did a great job of taking turns and making sure that I had a turn. I am looking forward to seeing what happens the rest of this week.