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By 5 years ago
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Written by Adam Oakley – Quepos Community Project Volunteer
Hi, my name is Adam Oakley, I am from Melbourne Australia and for the last month I have been a volunteer at GVI Quepos.
Once a month we get a long weekend and with this extra day I decided to go Deep Sea Fishing for sail fish off Quepos.It can be quite expensive but I was able to negotiate a much more affordable price thanks to the contacts of one of our Spanish teachers.
The day was was fantastic! There were four of us on the boat and three of us including myself caught big Sailfish. It was quite a fight but after 15 minutes the fish was on the boat and after a couple quick photos released back into the ocean.
In a day full of surprises we saw three different pods of dolphins and even a sea turtle. It was an awesome day and I highly recommend it to anyone should they get the chance to do it.