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By Zoe McIntosh 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Soooo where to begin! THE VOLLEYBALL COMPETITION!!!!

It was a super sad time when the last bunch left, so I thought what better way to say goodbye than a friendly (very competitive) volleyball competition involving everyone on base. So everyone headed down to the beach for a very professional, four a side, knock out tournament of volleyball! And of course every tournament needs to involve facepaints!! The 8 teams headed down to the beach in the morning and the competition began. My team did our facepaint like racoon butterflyfish, so naturally we looked like we’d smudged mud and yellow stuff over our faces. Moving on – after an intense morning we got to the final and team 5 (Tom, Chelsea, Danny and Charlotte) won against Team 4 (Andreas, Alex, Lovisa and Tobi).

Later on in the evening we had BBQ night and we decided to make it a shipwrecked theme. Georgia and I weaved ourselves some bras out of palm trees like real bush women and a few of us made grass skirts – everyone looked absolutely FAB! Outfits were all varied stages of shipwrecked. Staff also outdid themselves Chelsea, Liv and Mark chose to be tourists just stranded and looked very fetching in head scarves and Hawaiian shirts, Danny looked like he’d been in a fight with a shark on the way to shore, Kyle had been shipwrecked so long he’d set up a career as a pirate and Andy turned to bushman and wore a limited number of palm leaves! There was also SO MUCH CHICKEN!!!! Chicken always goes down a treat at any point during the week (unless it’s gross wetsuit chicken which we made one time – stick to the breasts avoid the skin!) BBQ nights are the best.

That’s just two of the many crazy fun things that have happened but i’ll leave the rest for others to write about 😀 BASE BASE BASE OVER AND OUT.