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Virtual Trek to Annapurna Base Camp

Posted: September 30, 2020

After seeing lots of climbing, trekking and hiking challenges, in the past few months, I felt inspired to do a virtual trek to help raise money. I wanted to support trekking guides and porters who have been unable to work since March of this year. Because of the lockdown measures in Nepal, I actually can’t go to my favorite trek, Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) so, instead I did the distance of ABC which is around 110km in the hills near my home in 5 days. I called this my virtual ABC trek.

Day 1
17 September.
After wake up early in the morning for pooja( ceremony) of vishwakarma( God of craftsman, architect as per hindu mythologies) I and Tara( brother of mine) packed all the gears that we needed for a hike and had breakfast that was cooked by my mum. We started our walk at around 10 in the morning from roof of our home. The start was easy for few minutes because the trial was Nepalese flat but after when we go through the jungle the trial was uphill to go to Sarangkot and little hard for Tara. We had snack break at Sarangkot and we rest for about half an hour. The day was so cloudy so we didn’t saw a good view but good for us on walk ????. After 2.5 hours of uphill we decline downhill through a jungle and reached the road of Pame and walked back all the way to my house to lakeside, Pokhara which took around 1.5 hours extra. We walked 21.7 km in total.
Really excited for tomorrow to hike to peace pogoda- pumdi- pame- pokhara.
Day 2
After wake up early in the morning, I knocked to Tara’s door, he didn’t respond. I knocked again after the breakfast and he said “I won’t come with you, i have a meeting”, with really tired voice. I packed all my day gears and i left my home alone. I walked my first few kilometers on road and reached to Damside, crossing a scary old bridge . Started to walk uphill through the jungle and reached to Peace pagoda (Stupa), I keep walking for few minutes and stopped to have my lunch which i packed at home. The weather was similar to yesterday, there was no sun. Started walking again after my lunch break, it was downhill and Nepalese flat, quiet and peace, I only heard birds singing. Reached to Pame passing through the beautiful village and rivers. There was so many moonson river that i crossed, my shoes get all wet. It became harder with heavy wet shoes, i keep on walking until I reached my home.
Total distance that i walked is 28.13 Kilometers.
Really excited for tomorrow.
Day 3
I started my solo walk a little later in the morning because I wake up late. Today was a very different day compare to other day. Walked all the way up to Kristi on pitch road(paved). I feel hard to walk on pitch road. Hiking through the beautiful village, hills and river was overwhelmingly impressive but the weather was sunny and it was really hot, i was showering with my sweat ????????. After walking for 15, 16 KM , I reached the place called Nirmal Pokharai, the road connect to the hiking trial all the way to Dovilla and i felt so good walking there. Dovilla to my home was also on pitch road.
Total walking distance – 26.09 Kilometer.
Day 4
Really exciting day because I hiked to Dhampus my personal favorite place among all of the one that i did this week. Today I had a very different plan, going on a bike to place called Hemja because i didn’t wanted to walk on a under construction dusty highway. I had Ishwar (Ish) brother with me to give a company. We parked our bike at Hemja and started to walk to Astham which is all uphill, and Astham to Hemjakot was stunning because i was walking through beautiful village and rice field. We stopped at local house for rest and they offer us fruits and drinks, after having that we again walked to Dhampus, we had our packed lunch there and follow the dirt track all the way to highway which was more dusty. Came all the way to Hemja where we parked our bike and came to Pokhara on it.
Total walk – 23.27 Kilometers.(km)
Day 5
Yay.! Completed 110km.
Shortest day because I completed around 100km till yesterday and my target was 110km So, I just had 10 km left. I start late in the morning like 10 am. Hike to small hill which is next to my house called Methlang. This hike has been popular among the people after the the lockdown in Nepal. Nothing much about today. Hike for around 3 hours including rest time.
Today’s total distance-10.69KM.

I manage to raise $AUD1702. This is very exciting and will help a lot in Nepal. I have 2 plans to utilize the money. The first plan is to help 15 guides and porters from Skylark Himalayan by providing some essential items and also giving them few money so that they can buy essential items. The second plan is to provide a lunch for a day to very vulnerable street connected communities in my areas. I’m very happy to have been able to do this and support my community. Thank you everyone for supporting.

Thank you everyone for supporting me and the guides and porters of Pokhara

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