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What A View....

By Ryan Hyland 3 years ago
Categories Limpopo and KZN

Afternoon Drives leave at 3pm, everyone clambers onto the vehicles set and ready to catch a glimpse of the animals on the reserve.  One drive is on game transect and the other is on general monitoring, the game transect drive is up in the northern part of the reserve on the farm Nyathi, the member of staff in charge of this drive is Nico.  Game transect is going slow for everyone on the vehicle as no animals have shown themselves for the past 20 minutes. Just as everyone starts fading away into their own worlds, the elephants pop out of the river bed below. Everyone stops talking, pulling their cameras out like there’s no tomorrow.


The time at this stage is 5pm, the sun has started to set, the elephants have now gone out of the view of the vehicle, and we decide to move on and complete the game transect. This takes no time at all as we are the last corner.  As the sun is setting Nico decides to take all of the volunteers to a high point so we can all enjoy our first African Sunset. What a sight it was…. as the sun was setting we have the beautiful view of the sun behind the Drakensberg mountains, everyone is staring in amazement at the view that makes everything so real.


On everyone’s faces there are smiles all round… just from this view we all know that we have made the right decision to come here. At this moment, everyone’s troubles and worries have all disappeared. As the sun vanishes behind the mountains we begin to make a way back to base, all volunteers still keeping a eye out for nocturnal animals. As the darkness came so did the stars. We stop once more, and turn all lights off including the spotlight, the reason being so we could all enjoy the sky and its stars. The moonlight shining over the reserve making everything look beautiful once more, we look up and see the millions of stars above us. What a view…. Most of us on the vehicle are from the city, so we don’t get to see the stars often due to all the light from the surrounding buildings. On this night you could see it in our eyes that we loved what we were looking at… once again everyone was in silence enjoying the view above.


As we arrive back at base, all the volunteers begin to have dinner and talk about what they saw on drive. As you look across the table you can see the smiles on the staffs faces knowing that they did their job. Once again the voices around the table start to die down as one by one we all make our way to bed, knowing that the next few weeks and months will be amazing. As everyone falls to sleep, some people are lying in bed still wide eyed thinking about the drive they just had and still thinking about the beautiful sun set and amazing night sky. Everyone falls asleep after while, preparing for another day with the beautiful scenery and wildlife…. Can’t wait for the view once more.