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Top ten things about working at Nceduluntu nursery

By Alex O 4 years ago
Categories Jalova
  1. 1.The kids are so excited and eager to learn. Every time you go into the room to take the next class for lesson time they’re clambering over each other to get to you ‘Teacha me, teacha me!’
  2. 2.Honesty is the best policy. 5 year olds don’t hold back. They have no qualms about telling it like it is.
  3. 3.Those little bodies can take in an impressive amount of food. Porridge, then snack, then lunch all in just a few short hours as well as constant cries of ‘teacha, chips!’ whenever they get the chance.
  4. 4.There are constant surprises. Just when you think you know how they’ll react to something, they’ll shout out a correct answer you had no idea they knew, and it feels incredible. Especially when it’s something you’ve been working on for a while. They’re also ecstatic when they see how impressed you are!
  5. 5.They LOVE to sing. The best way to help them learn anything is to turn it into a song. Any chance to add a new song to their extensive ‘circle time’ repertoire is met with thrilled, upturned faces.
  6. 6.They are incredibly helpful, or at least try to be… As soon as a job has to be done, they’re all there eager to help. Whether it’s opening a door for you when you’re on crutches (trust me, it happens) or desperately trying to lift a table five times their size to help you set up for lunch.
  7. 7.That energy can’t last forever. You won’t believe that they will ALL stop to nap, but all that running around takes it out of them. There are very few things more adorable than 50 under 5s all curled up asleep in a big ol’ pile.
  8. 8.They’ll teach you too. Whether its helping you with your Xhosa or trying to teach you to dance with their incredible rhythm (and laughing hysterically when you fail miserably) they love to give as good as they get.
  9. 9.Their love is completely unconditional. They’ll be upset when they have to go into time out for misbehaving, but mere seconds later they’re coming back for a hug, all forgotten and forgiven.
  10. 10.They will make you unbelievably happy. There is nothing better than walking into that room with chants of ‘teacha teacha teacha!’ and swarms of little legs running towards you and arms wrapping around your knees. At the end of every day, I guarantee your face will hurt from smiling.