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My time in Nepal

By Baotram Duong 3 years ago
Categories Pokhara

It has been 2 weeks since I came to Pokhara. Life here was not as hard and difficult as I had imagined. Actually it is a little bit inconvenient because of the no petrol problem which has made business in Nepal slow down since almost 3 weeks ago. Everywhere I go, I was told that this month is always the busiest season of the year but things seem like not moving at this moment. Instead of taking buses, we, volunteers, either walk or bike everyday depend on our projects’ locations. The host family is so friendly and kind. Having conversations with them helps me understand more about Nepal culture and how life in Nepal is like.

My project is to help designing activities for children with disabilities at a center. The centers name means Helping Center. It was founded in 2005 with the help of a Japanese group and they keep expanding it sizes and number of students since then. I still remember my first time visiting this center. All the people here are so lovely, especially the students. Each of them unique and special in their own ways; a cute boy who likes to shake my hand, a pretty girl who is smart in playing puzzle, a naughty girl who keeps running into me and calls me Didi (older sister), a skinny boy who never stops smiling; an adorable girl who likes to show me her nice shirt that her mother had made, etc. To me, the center is a very good place with great staffs and facilities to help the students with their learning and developing. As a volunteer, I think I have learned a lot of things from the people here, and one of the big lesson is to be optimistic and to always count the blessings which I was taught but did not fully understand.

These days in Nepal, people are celebrating their big festival. The festival lasts 15 days, so there is no school for children until the end of the month. Therefore, I have been assigned with teaching English for the women at Pame and Male Paten. I have not taught before, but I hope I can use my experience as an English learner to teach. Things will be good at the end. Be optimistic!

Working 1 to 1 with the students