The Top 3 Reasons to Volunteer In Phang Nga

    Posted: March 9, 2017


    Now that Spring is approaching, many high school and college-aged students are considering what to do with their spring breaks as well as their summers.  GVI offers alternative spring break projects doing marine conservation in Mexico or community development projects in Costa Rica. Alternative spring break trips abroad are designed for either high school, or college-aged students, and allow you to learn about another culture, participate on a sustainable volunteer project, and have an in-country adventure.



    The options for quality volunteering in general can seem almost endless, which is why we’ve compiled short blogs on the top reasons to volunteer at specific locations with GVI. While all of our programs offer you the opportunity to make a difference, we hope by describing specific benefits of each location or project will help volunteers with the daunting task of choosing. This blog focuses on volunteer projects in Thailand, specifically Phang Nga.


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    Below are the top 3 reasons we believe you should volunteer in Thailand with GVI, in Phang Nga!


    1. Unique marine conservation opportunities

    If you are interested in marine conservation projects in Thailand, you’re in the right place! The GVI Phang Nga project provides individuals with a unique opportunity to be involved in one of the only marine and coastal conservation volunteer programs in Southern Thailand. Volunteers have the chance to focus on sea turtle conservation methods, monitor coral reefs, and research undeveloped islands. The marine program provides you with  training, knowledge, and the change to share and use your ideas with other like-minded individuals from around the world, with the aim to protect these special, yet vulnerable, habitats. Don’t forget: you can also partake in a marine conservation internship with GVI in Thailand as well.


    2. Valuable teaching experiences

    Our teaching program empowers you with the ability to lead classes of different ages and abilities across varying schools in the community. By equipping children with new knowledge and skills, you are also enabling them to have better access to more quality education, and enriching their futures. You will help provide students with the opportunity to learn English, a subject which would be otherwise unavailable to the students at these schools, and you will broaden the life chances of children from a developing community, by helping them access the thriving tourist industry mere kilometers away.


    3. Meaningful healthcare programs

    The healthcare program in Phang Nga targets vulnerable members of the surrounding community and heeds the call of subcultures commonly left behind as Thailand develops and progresses. This program works closely with children and young adults with learning disabilities, and provides them with physiotherapy, craft sessions, and stimulating games to support their development in all aspects. In addition, we work to promote healthy lifestyles and guidance on how individuals can become a valuable member of their community, and inspire them to positively impact society, on both a local and global scale.



    Volunteering in Thailand is guaranteed to be a life-changing event! Remember, regardless of the location you choose, you can either join a volunteer project, an international internship, or a service-learning project, and each of these components can be factored into a longer gap year if that’s part of your plan!


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    Feel ready to start making a difference? Find out more about GVI’s international, award-winning volunteering programs and internships, and choose from community development, animal care, teaching, women’s empowerment, and conservation projects worldwide.