The Kenya Marine Mammal Network in Action!

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The Kenya Marine Mammal Network was established in 2011 by GVI and its partners the Watamu Marine Association (WMA) and Kenya Anglers Sea Association (KASA). It is also supported by the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute(KMFRI) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

It was formed to collect and provide consistent data on the abundance and occurrence of marine mammals that occur all along the Kenyan Coast which have not been previously studied. This is done by people who are often out at sea, sending in reports to the network about marine mammal occurrences. Basically, anyone is welcome to send in reports on any encounters or sightings from the Kenyan coast, to the network.

KMMN has issued two newsletters so far. In the first issue there were records of up to 157 reported sightings from 23 collabourators, between October 2011 and March 2012 from the South Coast of Kenya to the North coast. 9 different whale and dolphin species have been reported, the most common species being the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins which were been seen all along the coast.Other dolphin species reported included the Spinner dolphins, Common dolphins as well as humpback dolphins, while the whale species observed were: Orcas, Sperm whales and Pilot whales.

The Kenya Marine Mammal Network Newsletter. Issue 1

The second issue revealed 144 sightings between April and September of 2012. This time, Humpback whales were on the top of the list, being the most sighted species for this period. This issue also covered the efforts WMA have been putting towards training the local boat operators and responsible dolphin watching, as well as improving quality of the experience for the guests.

The issue points out the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which recognised Kisite-Mpunguti MPA, Lamu-Kiunga area and Watamu area, as areas meeting the scientific criteria for ecologically and biologically significant areas (EBSAs)

You can click on the links to view more information from the newsletters.

The Kenya Marine Mammal Network Newsletter_Issue 2

Find out more about the ongoing projects, partners, publications, also, how you can get involved in the newly launched KMMN webpage. Check out the gallery as well for some wonderful photos from the field!

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