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OK guys, here comes my last report from my lovely stay at Jalova…
A few more highlights☀️
Well there was really no regular beach-life, like sun-bathing and swimming whenever you liked..
Just the week before I arrived there had been a visit of bull sharks, so naturally we had to take some precaution! But yeah, the ones of us who really love swimming, did go into the water, several times. We just had to stay to the strict rules of being 3 people in the water at time with 2 people standing on shore to look out for shark-fins. Neither did we go further in than to mid-waist. But with the waves splashing over you , it did feel like a real swim! And I never saw a shark, even if I looked real close!! With the water holding what? 28 degrees , I can tell you, for me being a fish, it was the peak of my day!!☀️🌊

Last days/outings/Tres bar⭐
When our stay came to and end(last week), The staff really prepared a top notch day for us! Taking us to Tortugero ( an adoring little village, about an hours boat ride away), where we could choose between different «outings/expeditions». I choose «The chocolate-tour», witch I will never regret!🍫 We spent half a day  learning about chocolate’s history in Costa Rica and in the end we got to make our very own chocolate, adding all sorts of different spices and flavors! How great is that?!😄 For a chocolate lover like myself; pretty awesome!!

Then on the same night we were taken by boat again to Tres bar, witch is the jungles coolest bar. In the middle of the jungle, with a big dance floor and all💃 After having a lovely dinner there, we danced through the night(well at least until near midnight, witch is pretty late when you have early mornings😴)
It was a super-trooper day and night and I had a truly great time!

Atmosphere on base💜
This is one of the many experiences that made my stay so memorable. W were people from all over the world, living tightly together, for weeks, some for months sharing this very special time.

It made us close and I know I made some friends for life. The atmosphere on base was a happy and supporting one! it felt like home away from home! Like family.

I highly recommend Jalova to anyone who would a true adventure!! You will learn so much about wildlife in any form and the highly qualified staff will make you feel so welcome!

The spirit is young and enthusiastic and so are most of the people! But there is room for everyone at Jalova <3 Take it from a 58 year old soon to be grandma who had the time of her life!! PURA VIDA!

Love, Siggy.