Testing Times

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town
There has been some good and bad news this past week at ACJ; good news being that our one to one students are flourishing under the new teaching program, we have seen test result improvements ranging from 8% up to a very impressive 67% after just two weeks of teaching input from our current GVI volunteers. Our children have such an enthusiasm for education and a real thirst to learn, which makes our jobs that much easier and ultimately leads to progression.

On the down side we also had a break-in at the school resulting in some of GVI’s teaching resources and stationary being stolen, along with various other classrooms throughout the school losing their windows. Unfortunately, this is not something which is a rare occurrence in the community we work in; opportunists will always look for a way to get something for free. After investing in some locks and taking extra safety measures with our resources we hope to prevent this from happening again.

Although this can and has caused some frustration in us who work here at ACJ, it is more of a disappointment that incidents like this only take away valuable resources that are used to benefit the children of the community. However, despite these irritations we have continued our program as normal; GVI volunteers always make the best of what we have and are very creative in their ideas and activities. It’s great to see our project aims and objectives being achieved through, at times, challenging circumstances and we hope to see this sustained throughout the year. 
Rachael Fleary
Teaching coordinator