Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

    Posted: October 12, 2017

    Achievement report – September


    ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’



    Coordinate 100 sports lessons within the Third Quarter


    SDG: Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Reduce Inequalities, Partnerships for the goals





    ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. As the African Proverb claims, teamwork is a vital characteristic for long term success and development, both within a community and within one’s self. This month on the Sports Program at GVI Cape Town, we have been teaching the importance of team work and unity by means of ‘team cohesion’ sports.



    Sport, by its very nature, is about participation and inclusion. It is a way in which individuals and communities can be brought together and helps to bridge cultural, political, and ethnic divides. By emphasising the power of unity, sport also teaches open-mindedness, respect, and collaboration which are key values that are unquestionably important in society and are skills that ought to be widely understood; GVI volunteers taught such skills to 600 children this month.

    In accordance with the South African Curriculum, our sport sessions were partially focused upon team cohesion. GVI Sports volunteers organised a series of fun and educational lessons that required the children to come together and work as one to be successful. Whether it was through delivering rugby, cricket, netball or relay race drills, our volunteers successfully highlighted the need for communication and team work to achieve a common goal. From setting an obligatory number of passes before students could score, to playing three-legging scorer, students quickly began to gel as a unit. It was inspiring to see the children develop cohesion skills throughout the course of the month and begin to understand the value of unity.

    Team cohesion is a crucial skill for students to learn to benefit their futures, both within and outside of school; being able to work successfully in a team, whether it be on the sports field, in the workplace or at home, is a key strength. Teamwork results in people feeling respected, supported and safe in their environment. It helps solve problems, brings innovative ideas, builds morale and produces amazing results. The fact that our volunteers helped pass on such skills is a proud achievement and will prove to be undoubtedly beneficial for those children in the long term.

    A huge thank you is due to those brilliant volunteers who made those lessons possible.

    They certainly are the diff erence!



    Written by: Jack Allison – Sports and Teaching Coordinator