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Teaching and Learning English in Thailand

By Simon Gwerder 4 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

I graduated as a secondary school teacher in December 2014. I will start my work in August 2015. So I decided to travel before. But at least I wanted to do something useful, so I thought about a volunteering program. Through the company ‘pro linguis’ in Lucerne, I connected GVI and decided to teach children in English. That this program takes place in Thailand was wonderful because I wanted to go to Asia anyway.


Before my flight started, I was very nervous about my English level because my English wasn’t very good. My expectations were right. I struggled a lot and it was hard for me to hear and speak English all the time. In general, the beginning was hard because everything was new: The people, the country, the culture, the food, the weather, the language… nothing is the same as back home. But the staff people and the other volunteers are all open minded and friendly. They forgave my mistakes and were interested in my person.


After a couple of weeks I got used to many circumstances. I could see how I improved my English and my teaching at the different schools. I liked the kids and the GVI-people more and more. I really began to enjoy my time. The weekends were always awesome. We travelled to many different places and saw wonderful beaches, ate good food, celebrated amazing parties and enjoyed the stunning nature of Thailand.


After ten weeks at GVI I decided to visit a Muay Thai trainings camp for seven days. It was an amazing week with a lot of exhausting fighting lessons and good talks with people all over the world. I really appreciated that the GVI-staff members had not a problem with my decision. In general, all staff are very nice and try to support you in all different situations.


My last week at the GVI camp was wonderful and very sad at the same time. I enjoyed every single minute with the kids and the other volunteers. At the end of the week I had to say good-bye to all people. That was very hard for me.


I highly recommend to all people to do such a volunteer program. The beginning is hard and you are maybe not sure if you have made the right decision. But after a couple of weeks, you are able to enjoy the time. You make a lot of new friends and you will start to love the kids so much. At least you don’t really want to go home again.


Simon Martin Gwerder (Switzerland), 12 week Teaching Children volunteer