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Volunteering in Mexico... My First But Not My Last

By Tanya Costa 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

I have always wanted to go to Mexico, so I decided to go there and practice my Spanish and learn more about Mexican life as well as do some volunteering at one of the childcare projects. After being welcomed by staff members and meeting other volunteers, we went straight to help with equine therapy. This is a therapy where horses are used to help people with autism, brain injuries and other mental health problems. This was a great start to be able to see the amazing work done in one of the GVI projects.




At first, we were a bit nervous about going to the Ludoteca, but we were greeted with such warmth and love by the children and staff, that we straight away got stuck in to helping with homework and playing.
We also got to teach the children English, using software that has basic words for animals and parts of the face. We made it engaging using games so the children learn as well as having fun.
I also got the opportunity to plan my first ever lesson in Spanish for “Green Actions” environmental lessons. The topic was ‘how we can protect animals’. We first talked about why we need to protect animals and then listed the things we can do, such as recycling, picking up rubbish (especially plastics), which can cause a lot of damage. I then got the children to draw an animal in it’s habitat and then draw the things that could damage it with a big cross through it. This was a fun and creative way for the children to learn but also a way to discover more about the environment.


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So far, I have loved my time here. I have improved my Spanish and my confidence as well as meeting some great people. I have to learnt a lot about the Mexican culture, food and life. My highlight has to be talking and playing with the children. I have learnt so much from them. The ladies who work there- “ludotecerias”- are also very inspirational.




I am sad to be leaving, but I will bring with me great memories and ideas. I definitely will be coming back!