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Talent Night on Caqalai Base

By 4 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

On March 26th there was an amazing talent show hosted by Lauren Anderson, an intern on The marine project.  There were 4 different participants; a mix of staff and volunteers, from Germany, Hong Kong, America, Ireland and England.  All were to compete for the glorious prize of a chilled can of coke and a chocolate bar.


Yannik demonstrated a myriad of skills, ranging from removing his shirt extremely quickly to balancing a rake on his nose.  Due to the incredible variety of his talents, he quickly captured the heart of the audience.  Next were Holly and Liz who put on display their amazing ability to juggle whilst having objects thrown at them.  Funny, entertaining and amusing was this performance, it created a wide array of feelings that were bound to amaze the audience.  Next was Susa’s unexpected stylist skills as a hairdresser.  She quickly cut through Hunter’s hair and gave him a haircut that while stylish, gave everyone a laugh.  Finally Paul and Ernie showed off their face painting prowess. with Paul as a jellyfish and Ernie as a tiger, the audience roared with applause for this dynamic duo who were both funny and skilful and ultimately won the contest.


Regardless of the results, everyone won that day, as the evening brought all of base together. After a full day of diving and science training and surveys, opportunities to relax and laugh help make Caqalai feel like home to the international staff and volunteers.
GVI FIJI is truly a wonderful place that’s brings people from different countries and backgrounds together.

By Ernie Chan