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Taking the first step: Why I joined GVI

By 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Richard is currently volunteering with us here at GVI Cap Ternay. He has recently decided to extend his original one month stay, to do three months training with us here, and another three months in our Divemaster Training Program in Thailand. Find out what first inspired him to join us:


After a life-time growing up keeping pets, looking after animals and pretty much watching every wildlife documentary ever made, the opportunity to come to the Seychelles to work and support the country’s extraordinary coral reefs was one that I would have been silly to turn down. Not only am I gaining more diving experience but I really feel that by the end of my time here I will have made a difference and will go on to do so.


Supporting wildlife is second nature to me. About a year ago I watched a documentary that changed my life: “Mission Blue”. The aim of this documentary was to raise awareness across the world of our struggling oceans. Mission Blue highlighted many problems facing the health of the oceans. Problems like the heavily depleted fish stocks, coral bleaching, pollution from plastics, agricultural waste and surface run-off to name a few.


I was enraged when the documentary portrayed a 90% decline in fish stocks over the past 50 years. The most threatened species are sharks, blue fin tuna and Atlantic cod.


All I could ask myself was, how on this earth could human beings be so selfish and ignorant? The world swings in equilibrium, where ecosystems support one another. When one is destroyed the balance is upset. GVI has taught me that if there are no top predators to control the populations of other species then the ecosystem is broken. Take away the sharks then other predators become over populated eating more and more with nothing to stop them, eventually running out of food leaving only species like squid and jelly fish. There are already parts of the world where this is the case, vast areas of sea with nothing but jellyfish.


I tried to support Mission Blue by making a donation, however realised that I wanted to do more, take action.

GVI Seychelles is my first step, my first hands on conservation effort.