9 Stunning Photographs to Celebrate Shark Awareness Day

    Posted: July 14, 2016

    Happy Shark Awareness Day 2016!

    Many marine conservation groups celebrate this day every year in observance of sharks and the essential part they play in the marine ecosystem. This day is not about standing on the beach and shouting out warnings to panicked swimmers, although it could be pretty entertaining. Rather, Shark Awareness Day is about educating others about the role of these majestic marine creatures.

    Yes, sharks are fierce predators, but without them oceans cannot survive; their role is to keep the marine ecosystem fruitful and healthy. Sadly, many groups disregard sharks’ value and see them as “angry killers” and hunt them for shark-fin soup and other “delicacies”. Today is all about bringing awareness about these creatures, their importance and the challenges they face.

    In celebration of these special fellows, we decided to share some of our favourite shots of them! Enjoy these 9 stunning photographs to celebrate Shark Awareness Day!

    Photo: Elias Savy/Flickr

    Photo: Ryan Espanto/Flickr

    Photo: Malkusch Markus/Flickr 

    Photo: Gary J Wood/Flickr

    Photo: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

    Photo: Elias Levy/Flickr

    Photo: Clarissa de Wet/Flickr

    Photo: Alan Lee/Flickr

    Help us protect all sharks all over the world in order to save the world’s oceans. Join us in celebrating this day on social media with the hashtag #SharkAwarenessDay 

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