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The storm is brewing

By 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Our long-term Volunteer Adam, who joined us a week ago, tells us about ”the storm” hitting Pez Maya. 


As the title states there is a storming coming to hit base it has been coming for over a week. Mid-way through my first week I was told a storm would be coming and it would be to quote one of the staff “Blowing a hooley” .


The storm has been pushed back and pushed back and now on Wednesday it has snuck up on us and has hit the base. To explain the surpise I will have to explain the day, we were given a day of no diving due to the potential storm which is fine but the morning of the apparent storm the waters where calm the weather was lovely. Part of the group went of to Punta allen to help with the community project we have with them and the rest of the group where left on base to have a lovely lay in and also reduced duties. The day was lovely and relaxed being as it was pancake Wednesday the day could not of started off any better as there where reduced duties we were given free time do as we wish. Most of the group opted for the best option of layng in the hammocks and relaxing in the sun/ shade of the palm tree’s .


Just as everyone seemed to get relaxed and comfy the weather took a dramatic change for the worse at first what I thought was one of the staff members messing about trying to throw water on us turned out to be three or four drops of rain. At this everyone jumped up out of the hammocks in unison and ran for the communal area just in time for the heavens to fully open and unleash a tropical storm.


The moral of the story is to heed the warning of a tropical storm and also the weather here is crazy and can change at the drop of a hat.