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Travel to Ghana: The gold coast

Article by GVI


Posted: December 15, 2022

A country located on the western coast of Africa, Ghana is known for its rich culture, beautiful beaches and friendly people. 

If you’ve got travel to Ghana in your sights, you’ll need to get your itinerary together fast because the options are wide. Let’s get to know the country.

A brief introduction to a beautiful country

Ghana is a hugely popular tourist destination in Africa. It has a rich culture and history, beautiful beaches, and friendly people, which make it an attractive destination for tourists. 

The main tourist attractions in Ghana include the Kakum National Park, the Cape Coast Castle and the capital city of Accra. Many people also enjoy visiting the country’s various museums, markets and other cultural attractions. 

Ghana’s history and people

Ghana has a complex history that has been shaped by its diverse population and long history of trade and interactions with other cultures. The country has been inhabited for thousands of years by various groups of people, including the Ashanti, Fante and Ewe. Ghana has a rich tradition of oral storytelling and music, and its people are known for their lively spirit and warm hospitality.

One of the most significant events in Ghana’s history was the transatlantic slave trade, which had a profound impact on the country. For many years, Ghana was a major hub for the trade of enslaved African people, and many people were forced to leave the country against their will. Today, the legacy of the slave trade is still felt in Ghana, and many people are working to preserve the memory of those who were lost.

Despite this dark period in its history, Ghana has a strong spirit and sense of community. The country has a vibrant culture, and its people are known for their resilience and determination. Many Ghanaians are proud of their heritage and are working to preserve their traditions and empower future generations

Travel to Ghana and discover Kokrobite

Kokrobite is a small town located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It is situated on the Atlantic coast, about 30 kilometres west of the capital city of Accra. Kokrobite is known for its beautiful beaches, which are popular with tourists and locals alike. The town is also home to a vibrant arts community, with many local artists and musicians who sell their work in the town’s markets and galleries. In addition to its cultural attractions, Kokrobite is also home to several conservation projects, including a sea turtle hatchery and a bird sanctuary. 

Ghana: A country with many names

Ghana is known by several names informally. Some of the most common names for Ghana include the “Gold Coast” because of the country’s rich gold deposits, and the “Gateway to Africa” because of its strategic location on the west coast of the continent. The country is also sometimes referred to as the “Pearl of Africa” because of its natural beauty and cultural richness. Additionally, Ghana is often called the “Land of the Elephant” because of its large population of elephants. These names give good pointers for travellers who travel to Ghana: plan your itinerary around the country’s unique history, culture and geography.

Travel to Ghana quick tips

What language is spoken in Ghana?

The official language of Ghana is English, so it is relatively easy for English speakers to communicate there. 

What are some top attractions to visit when I travel to Ghana?

There are many interesting places to visit in Ghana, including the capital city of Accra, the Kakum National Park and the Cape Coast Castle. 

When is the best time to travel to Ghana?

The best time to visit Ghana depends on what you want to do there, but generally, the dry season (November to March) is the best time for sightseeing and outdoor activities. There are many accommodation options for travellers.

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