Small changes can make a big difference

By Cheryl Martin 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Meet Grace. Grace is the teacher at the Grade R where we work in Nomzamo. She has a challenging task. A small space, lots of children to cater for, and an educational program to deliver.

We have been working with Grace for a little over two years. In that time, we’ve shared ideas, planned together and seen some wonderful progress at the Grade R site both educationally and physically. It’s amazing how small changes can make such a big difference. One of our volunteers fundraised for turf, our construction volunteers laid the turf and now the children have a safe inviting area to play. Paving and drains have meant that Grade R is more accessible during the winter months and new shelving has meant that Grace can store her resources more effectively which also provides more space for the children. Our most recent addition has been planter boxes where the children have been able to plant vegetables as part of the healthcare program. Every step of the way we have worked together with Mama Lumka and Grace to create a great learning environment for the children.

We will continue this partnership at Grade R as well as at Mama Lumka’s other sites. Our funds from this year’s Charity Challenge will contribute towards further developments. Skylights for example will not only save on electricity costs but ensure there is more effective light in the classroom for the children to work. An extension to the building will create more work space and provide some shade. Whilst physical developments continue we will also continue to work closely with Grace to provide an effective educational program. Our Charity Challenge begins on Friday 8th Nov.

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