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Sleeping under the stars

By Matt Lambrinos 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

I have only been here 3 weeks and I have already had so many firsts. First time diving without a wetsuit, which is awesome by the way! First time baking bread, which I would love to think I will now do at home but realistically I know I probably won’t. And probably the most interesting, first time sleeping under the stars.

Well, I say ‘sleeping’ but that’s an overstatement. In all honesty it was one of the worst sleeps of my life, but everything else about the night was amazing. We hiked to the top of Mount Matoopa, which overlooks base and Cap Ternay and then all the way to Port Launay in the other direction.

We started the walk about an hour before sunset so that we could watch it from the top, which was absolutely beautiful. We just laughed and joked and took plenty of selfies as the sun set behind Lighthouse on the left side of the bay. And then it became even more amazing. With no light pollution, the sky was full of stars. We could see the Milky Way which sort of just appears as a subtle mist through the sky, and even the usual suspects like the Southern Cross and Orion’s Belt just seemed better from up there. And another first for me, I saw my first shooting star.

For the next couple of hours we listened the music, talked and played cards until we were just too tired, which is when we realised that we should have tried to find a nice flat place to sleep whilst the sun was still out. Now we had to look around in the dark for somewhere to sleep and we ended up just laying down our towels where we were (the towels didn’t help at all).

I would love to say that we drifted off to sleep and were awoken by the sunrise or Philippe’s roosters which we could easily still hear from the top, but the truth is we woke up every 15 minutes because a rock was sticking into our sides, or someone was snoring, or the wind picked up, or it started to sprinkle down with rain, and so on.

Nevertheless it was an amazing experience and it was so much fun that we are talking about doing it again this weekend!