Service Learning: How It Will Help Us Meet The Global Goals

    Posted: March 16, 2016

    When we talk about Service Learning we are talking about an experience that extends far beyond the end date of the program. You may be sitting on a plane staring out at Table Mountain having just spent two weeks on a community development project in Cape Town, but when service learning is facilitated correctly your experience is far from over.

    Through meaningful community service, engaged learning, and facilitated reflection individuals will be transformed and not just momentarily affected by their international service learning experience.

    Successful service learning ignites a fire for learning and morphs an international experience into a lifetime of engaged citizenship.

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    This is essential not just for the individual, but for the world in which we live. On September 25th, 2015 the United Nations created a set of sustainable development goals which focus on 17 unique targets including topics such as; poverty, health, education, climate action, and gender equality. Each goal has a specific agenda that will ideally be achieved by 2030.

    Service Learning Will Play A Crucial Role

    Goals are essential to creating change, but even more important is a motivated and empowered body of citizens, who are taking vital steps towards progress in their daily lives. Hence the importance of service learning, an essential catalyst that motivates individuals to take action. There is the component of service which sparks inspiration and connection to the cause. There is education which provides the tools to act, and then there is reflection which synthesizes the two.
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    How Our Programs Help Achieve The Global Goals

    Our Service Learning programs at GVI are centered on developing progress towards the established SDG’s. Here are some of the ways GVI has helped to meet the global goals around the world:


    When properly executed, service learning programs can be the catalyst for achieving long-term sustainable change. The more inspired and informed individuals that we have in this world the quicker it will become the kind of place that we feel confident bringing future generations into!

    GVI is a multi-award winning Service Learning organization. Find out more about our international service learning programs and see how students from around the world are making a difference.