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Semana Santa (Easter)

By Inês Temmerman 4 years ago
Categories Quepos

The second week I got here it was Semana Santa or Easter week. So, we as volunteers came up with the idea to do an Easter Egg hunt with the kids from the Damas school.

The next day, we got up early. While we were getting ready it was raining the whole time. Some girls were excited about that, some not–including me. We all got our colorful rain jackets on, put all the materials in plastic bags, and walked to the bus station to get the bus toward Damas. When we arrived we were thinking of a back-up plan because of the rain. Then at 8AM, the kids came walking in with their umbrellas. Luckily, around 10 AM it stopped raining. When the kids had their snack in the cafeteria, Petra and I were hiding all the little eggs.

After their break we explained the game. We counted to 3 and then they all went crazy running around in their front garden. After 10 minutes they all found the little eggs and they were so proud and happy. That made us happy too.

Inês (right) with fellow volunteer Lauren



We had a scoreboard divided into Bunnies and Chicks, and we came to the conclusion that they all won. They received some cool stickers because they did such a great job. They were all excited to take their Easter cards and eggs home to show their parents. When they all left the principal came to us and thanked us for the three days we had been there and gave us a thank-you gift. He came around the corner with these super big watermelons that came from his friend’s farm. I really enjoyed this week because every day we got better and better and the kids really enjoyed it, and that’s the most important thing.