See you later Mombasa......

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Badae Mombasa…..

It’s hard to believe it’s my last week at Olives. It’s been a hard but rewarding few months where I have learnt a lot about myself and the way of life in Kenya. The day before I left home I told my parents I didn’t want to go anymore and actually refused to pack my bags and turned into a crying baby, but how glad I am that I actually snapped out of my strop and got on my flight because this trip has really been so special, enjoyable and memorable. 
Volunteer Orla teaching swimming lessons during the holiday program
I will miss many things when I go back home, but of course there are some things I won’t miss like the many insects. But of course I will miss living with the other volunteers, especially after making so many good friends.
Volunteer Orla with fellow volunteers at Nyota’s sports day
 Life and everything here seems so simple so going back to a hectic city will take a bit of time to get used to. I will also miss the weekends and the nightlife here. How often at home can you decide to take a dip in the sea half way through your night out. Of course it always seems like a great idea to jump in your clothes at the time.
One to One reading with student from Olives
It’s not going to be easy leaving my standard 4 class they are amazing bunch of children , I never had a sad day around them.It was impossible because they would shout out to me as I got to the schoolyard “ Madam madam…”.and then smile the biggest smiles I have ever seen 
Volunteer Orla teaching her class.. Standard 4 at Olives
I’m quite an emotional person anyway so on Friday I’m going to try my hardest not to start crying. I know I am coming back at some point though so it’s not a ‘Goodbye’ but a  badae Mombasa which is Kiswahili for ‘see you later’.

By Orla Nech