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By Andy Eskeland 4 years ago
Categories Cape Town

There has been a lot change at the sanctuary here in Cape Town recently.  Many of the older children have started school for the first time this year.  It has been so inspiring to see how excited the kids are coming back from school and talking about what they’ve learned.

Because of this our daily schedule has changed a bit as well.  We are able to focus our efforts more on the youngest children in order to prepare them for school as well as our sensory stimulation and massage program for the children with special needs during the day.

Then, when the older children get back from school in the afternoon we do an activity with all the kids.  This past week our activities have been focused on teaching the kids about the different seasons.  In order to do this, along with making a new song, we helped each child to make a book about the different seasons.  On each day they worked on a different craft activity to depict the major changes for that season.

At the end of the week all the children not only knew the different seasons but they were talking about the current season and the weather along with it.

Its always a great feeling to see the kids benefitting and really learning from the lessons we do.