Sarah get's deep down and poetic on the Community Project

By Sarah Kagotho - Multi-Country Combo Volunteer 5 years ago
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The people who say everything said that ‘”You learn something new everyday”. However, I think they forgot to mention that the things you learn are not always very useful. Sometimes you learn things that shall probably never help your life and will just end up taking up space unnecessarily in your mind. You know what I’m talking about, right?

I learnt something new during the Standard 7 English lesson last week. And no, it was not one of those useless things we tend to learn about every now and then. On the contrary. So here we are, Kathryn, our very-amazing- with- the- children  Community staff is facing the blackboard, writing down the aforewritten ( pointing to top of page) poem. I have no idea what the lesson is about, so I’m just standing aimlessly at the back of the class watching the girls shuffling through their books and showing off their stickers. The poem is soon finished and above it, she has written the title of the lesson… Acrostic Poems..

Now, before this title was written on the board, I had thought that I was quite well versed in Poetry and all its associated shenanigans. But here was something I had actually never heard of before. My mind thus goes into a moment of slight confusion mixed with a suspense filled anxiety to find out what these acrostic poems are. And find out I did. Just like the poem aforewritten (points to top of page), Acrostic poems are poems whose first letters of each line spell out whatever you are writing the poem about. Cool things, yes?? This is the part where you now scroll up to the top of the page to see if what I am saying is true. Which you shall confirm as soon as you piece out what word is spelt out…Mindblowing moment.

And that is the story of how I learnt something new last week. And I am happy that it was not something useless that will fill up my mind space unnecessarily, because I do intend to start writing acrostic poems now. So, if you are my friend with a name with just the right number of letters, you never know if I shall write you an acrostic poem for your birthday…watch this space

P.S Community has been amazing!! If you have been thinking about doing it, just do it. Like Nike. Get it?

Sarah Kagotho – National Kenyan Scholar